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Aug 31, 2010 02:20 PM

Canning Jars in Center City/Mt Airy

I am putting up my figs and tomatoes this week, and had forgotten I had donated a box of 1 qt jars to a neighborhood kid's school project last spring. Now I am short and cannot seem to find jars in the city. ACME and SuperFresh used to stock them (they were overpriced, but they were there), but I stopped at both last night and none carried them.

Does anyone know where I can pick up canning and/or jelly jars in Philly?

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  1. I'm not sure, but have you checked Kilian's Hardware in Chestnut Hill? They have everything I've ever gone in there to look for, and many things I never knew I needed until I saw them. :-)

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      I love Killian's too, and am sure they have them - but they close so early! And my tomatoes are not going to make it to the weekend!

      1. Nearish to Mt Airy: Stanley's Hardware on Ridge Avenue in Roxborough.

        1. I know Rittenhouse Hardware on 20th Street in Center City has canning jars, usually.

          1. weavers way co-op also carries them, 2nd floor