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Aug 31, 2010 02:08 PM

Recent Artisanal visits?

Hi. I've done a search, and there are a lot of quick mentions of Artisanal (e.g., "restaurant near Grand Central? Artisanal is one." Or, "Place with cheese? Try Artisanal", etc.), but no real reports within the last year or so. I was wondering if anyone had anything more substantial to report. Has anyone had any semi-recent visits and recommendations?

Also, do you think there is any need for a reservation on the Friday of Labor Day weekend? I would just go ahead and make a reservation, but our arrival time is in flux.


2 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016

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  1. I've been there recently for lunch and everything was exquisite. The cheese dishes are out of this world and I love the atmosphere of the restaurant. I can't comment on needing a reservation....hopefully someone else will be able to. In general, I would highly recommend going there. Also, get the cheesecake for dessert!

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      Great handle, initially was going to use mimmolette but didn't

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          Actually Istara used to be called Prince de Claverolle, which would be a great name

    2. Artisanal is close to my apartment and I eat there every month or two. It is not the place I go when I want something new and unexpected, but when I want something absolutely familiar and reliable. Usually have made up my mind what I'll be ordering before I'm in the door. (but not to say dull, the food is great in the classic way and the dining room is lively) My favorites include the Gougeres, beet salad, steak frites. You will probably be able to get a table without a reservation, and the bar menu is an option, too.

      1. Thanks ossauiraty and Elizabeth E.

        Anyone had the fondue?

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          The fondue... the fondue is the reason to go to Artisanal.

          From the minute you walk in and are nigh-assaulted with the miasma of stinky cheeses, your eyes leaping from one simmering cauldron to the next, it is undoubtedly confirmed that this place is about the cheese. Artisanal has their own cheese caves, and even their own Cheese center (on the West side) where classes are held educating the masses on cheese variety, history, and of course, pairings.

          They offer several varieties of fondue, usually with a nightly special as well. Wonderful for any meal, but dining with a group and ordering different varieties to share is the way to go. It's not inexpensive, but absolutely worth a pilgrimage for any cheese lover...

        2. Just returned from a delicious brunch at Artisanal. I ordered the "soup, sandwich and salad" (cup of French onion soup--delicious; the "Frenchie" sandwich--also delicious (grilled brie, mushrooms and summer truffles) and mesclun salad--very nice). My sister ordered the fish and chips that were great too. Our friend ordered the quiche that was also excellent. We ordered the beignets that are always delicious. I've been to Artisanal for brunch several times through the years, and while it can be noisy, I've always found the food to be excellent.

          1. Lot's of pretty good wine choices at pretty good prices at Artisanal.