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Aug 31, 2010 12:48 PM

Raku -- okay for a woman dining solo?

I'm heading to Vegas on business in a couple of weeks. I will be with a coworker for some of the time but I will be spending the first two evenings solo. I wanted to go to Raku. Is it okay for a female dining alone? I won't have a car either so I will cab it in both directions.

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  1. I think it would be very enjoyable and not a problem. Just have them call you a cab as it's not in an area where you can hail one. The food is great and your only issue will be sadness that you don't have more people to share with so that you can order more! We were there Saturday night and had the fresh tofu two ways, which was tremendous; the egg custard with foie gras, very delicious; sashimi; pickled vegetables, which I thought were tremendous; and the garlic skirt steak robata (also great). You will enjoy it.

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      Try the salt mixture they provide on the table with anything, most especially with the fresh tofu.
      One of the ingredients I remember mentioned was green tea. I just love it.

    2. During my pre-Mrs days, I never had problems dining anywhere alone. I don't see why not with Raku....or any other restaurant.

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        I agree I travel with work alot and no one I work with is a foodie. So I always strike off on my own and have dined at many a fine restaurant or hole in the wall with never a second thought.

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          I have dined alone @ Raku on 2 previous visits to Las Vegas. My recommendation is to make a the earlier part of the evening. They are usually busy and even the bar seats are reserved. If you dine later in the evening they may be more accomodating. It is well worth the visit.

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            you know, you just have to call me and then I would join you at Raku so you could taste more items....:-)

      2. Yes, also has small bar area to seat single.

        1. Been going to Vegas for many years with friends. We went to Raku last year. The consensus was it was among the worst meals we've ever had in Vegas. One in our group thought it was the worst meal he's ever had.

          Without boring you on the details. One of the last courses was some sort of Fried Chicken dish. It was approximately 8\, sliced up, rings of chicken. The chicken was not cooked through. It was red in the center with red juices spilling out on to the dish. On of us said "we can't eat that we'll get sick." So we sent it back (even though we we're still very hungry at that point). A few minutes later the waitress returns with the dish and informs us "the Chef said it's OK." At least we got a huge laugh. I would say, in general, let the Chef eat the good here, you should go somewhere else. As for eating alone. It's in a dingy strip mall but if you're cabbing it there's no issue. They were expanding into a second adjacent room when we were there. Otherwise, it was quite tiny. I seem to recall you could eat at a bar type area near the kitchen.

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            Whoa. They must've had a real off-night, then. Raku was def the best meal I had in Vegas, if not the entire year. So sorry for you.

          2. I just had dinner at Raku and it was amazing. I had the tofu two ways -- normally I'm not a big tofu person but this was amazing. I really, really loved the cold tofu with the ginger and other things they served with it. And I'm not a ginger person, but the ginger added something to the dish. They had a pork belly special with was great -- fatty but the fat was melt in your mouth delicious. I also had the pork cheek. The people there were lovely.

            Howcome no one ever mentioned the bathroom? It is wild and a little disconcerting. there are birds chirping from the tree above your head. There were rose petals scattered in one corner of the room.

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              Well, you can't eat the bathroom! But it is cool. Glad you liked the cold tofu -- it's my favorite on the regular menu.