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Aug 31, 2010 10:45 AM


Has anyone been to Pondview in Kingston, NH since it was sold and became Rick's at Pondview?

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    1. re: harry_sparrow

      Thanks.....glad I checked. I had a bad feeling about it.

      1. re: edgewater

        I want to like this place. (Used to love it 25 years ago.) According to Taste of Seacoast website, they've changed the theme of the restaurant. Now called "Rick's at Mill Pond" (A NH Steakhouse) - menu prices more varied, with value priced items and more casual atmosphere (according to marketing.) I haven't visited since this newest change. Went to the bar/lounge last time (about six months ago) and the food was decent, but the bartender & atmosphere left a lot to be desired. I like his food a lot (at both locations) his original restaurant is in Kingston - food was outstanding, but really shabby interior. Maybe changes have been made at Pond View/Mill Pond? I'd love a new review.