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Aug 31, 2010 10:40 AM

El Sinaloense – Magnificent Menudo, Terrific Tamales, Heavenly Horchata

With all due thanks to streetgourmela, degustateur enjoyed not only the best menudo of his life, but the best tamales too. What’s more? Both came from the same place! That magical place is none other than El Sinaloense Restaurant in Huntington Park, a well-heeled haven for deliciously authentic Sinaloan cuisine that left me all but speechless. I have searched many years for menudo and tamales with the taste and flavor profile of El Sinaloense’s. Now, as the song goes, … “the search is over …”

First, the menudo – a menudo blanco (white menudo) made with multiple cuts of tripe along with tendon, pata and a minimum amount of hominy simmering in a rich, savory broth that was not the least bit oily. Undoubtedly a true labor of love made the old fashioned way and cooked to absolute perfection. Literally, this was menudo of the gods, redolent with the taste of fresh pork and possessing an uncommon depth of flavor entirely worthy of my highest accolades. Likewise, the accompanying grilled buttered bread was a celebration in its own right. As streetgourmetla put it – “a serious menudo”, to say the least.

The tamales – totally unexpected; I went to El Sinaloense expressly for the menudo. Tamales are not even on the menu but I spotted a cache of them in two large, sealed plastic containers behind the busy counter. Being the tamale hound that I am, I couldn’t pass them up. Made of pork, red chile and a sliver each of zucchini and potato, they were otherworldly good, an undeniable work of culinary artisanship. Sublime in every respect. Perfect size and proportion, perfect masa and perfectly moist and tender. Moreover, the wonderful spiciness and flavor were evident throughout, in every bite, including the flaps of masa between the folds of the cornhusk wrapper, the ends of which were tied in little husk ribbon bows. Rustic, artisanal, made with love and pride. Yes indeed, El Sinaloense’s tamales are also serious and the best I’ve ever had. Seriously.

Finally, the horchata – ahh, heavenly … I needn’t say more.

Thank you again, SGLA, for a fantastic lead, one that will be appreciated and followed repeatedly for a long time to come.

‘Nuff said.

El Sinaloense Restaurant
7601 State Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
(323) 581-1532

El Sinaloense
7601 State St, Huntington Park, CA 90255

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  1. Thanks so much for the review. Our mom and dad were from Sinaloa. Mom always made white menudo and it's very hard to find here in L.A. area but it's what we know and love. Dad was from Rosario Sinaloa and the tamales from that town were very unique in that in addition to pork and red chile, they were full of vegetables. They were round and "fat" and tied at both ends. This will be a trip down memory lane to go to this restaurant and try what you have described as delicious food. Thanks again

    1. Love El Sinaloense. I didn't get some of the items you recommended so I suppose I'll just have to force myself into another visit! Honestly, I could live off those beans and their machaca. Outrageous. This place is just so great.

      El Sinaloense
      7601 State St, Huntington Park, CA 90255

      1. The menudo sounds delicious just like the one my grandmother in the neighboring state of Sonora used to make. Can't wait to try it. I just wanted to point out that you described it as redolent of pork flavor. Menudo as I know it, is made with the beef tripe, and pata (beef hoof). No pork, unless you are describing posole, then we're talking pork.

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        1. re: dalilafsc

          Deg, I tried it this morning.
          It's truly a great bowl of Menudo.

          Piping hot, not greasy with perfectly sized different cuts of tripe.
          Just enough hominy to add a variety to the bite.

          The tripe is cut in a way that gives you the feeling someone cares in the kitchen.

          Even the humble bread is treated nicely as you have noted.

          The cost was around 7.60 you order up front at the register they give you a number and you pick a table.

        2. They make an outstanding scrambled eggs with machaca ("Machacado con huevo" on the menu board).

          Just ridiculously good.

          The whole time I was eating it I kept thinking to myself, "y'know, this is sort of like if I combined scrambled eggs with Chinese pork floss but about 1 gillion times better, give or take a billion or two."