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Aug 31, 2010 09:44 AM

Good Prix Fixe on Long Island (preferably western Suffolk)

Argh. I had seen CU29 online, loved their 'complete dining selections' that seemed tasty and frugal and called to make a reservation for tomorrow night only to find they are closed for repairs this week. Usually we hit Lucy's in Babylon for my birthday, but they're not participating in Babylon restaurant week, so I declined going back there again.

Any suggestions on a prix fixe (under $30 please) that's NOT Italian or Asian and is tasty????? I'd love to go tomorrow evening since I have a babysitter lined up.

Good desserts are a major plus! :)

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  1. H20 in Smithtown

    Wednesday nights. Three Courses. Including Wine, cost $40. Without wine, $30.

    It's been on my list. A colleague highly recommends.