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Aug 31, 2010 09:06 AM

How was the food truck scene at sowa this sunday?

Did anyone go? Was just curious if it was as much of a poopshow as the event a month or so back was, or if the fact that they're going to be more regular made it a more tolerable experience?

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  1. I'll be interested to hear as well. Was going to hit up Speeds but the heat kept me away.

    1. We went, but only stayed a little bit because of the heat. My husband and I got 1 Speed's dog to split. It was our first time and it was great (all toppings except onions - mmm)! We had to wait in a short line, maybe about 5 people ahead of us. I would say it took about 5 minutes to get the dog, which was fine with us. In the meantime, I walked over to the Clover food truck to get a drink. They were doing a brisk business, but it was a little chaotic because most people didn't know how to order or where to wait. There were 3 people taking orders on iPhones and then you'd wait over on the side for them to call your name. We got there about 2 o'clock and many of the drinks were out of stock, but most of the food was still available.
      I didn't see anyone at the Fillbelly's truck the whole time we were there. There was a frozen treat truck and a cupcake one too that I forgot the name of. There were some others, but we knew what we wanted so we stuck to those and didn't explore too much. We grabbed 2 pickle spears for a dollar on our way out from Grillo's. I think I would have eaten more if it wasn't so hot, but we had our baby with us and we didn't want to stick around too long.

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        wow, I really figured it'd be a total zoo like the event a while back but this description sounds pretty much what I would expect a random afternoon to look like. Maybe I'll hit it up this sunday before football starts up next week.

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          Randomly walked over there this weekend without realizing that the food trucks would be there. Also got a Speed's dog (first time!) -- can't say it was exactly a transcendent experience but I'm happy to have tried it. It is one ginormous dog. At a few minutes past 12 basically no wait (1--2 people in front of us.)

          Just FYI, I was slightly surprised that the trucks weren't in the farmer's market area right off of Harrison but were in the open market where all the vendors are slightly off of the street.

        2. I find it funny that Clover is now doing SOWA but refused to do it during the Foodtruck Fest.

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            My understanding is that they don't do events put on by for-profit companies or something like that.