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Aug 31, 2010 08:59 AM

If I mixed a beaten egg into my rice cooker after it's "done" cooking my oatmeal and left it for a few, would it cook the egg enough?

and do you think the taste of the egg would be too evident or nasty when combined with banana and a few nuts...? It sounds nasty but then then you do add egg to cake... I'm just looking for a cheap easy way to add protein to my usual breakfast. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. If you have an instant read thermometer, you can probably gauge whether it will cook enough to your liking, because the answer is dependent on how well cooked you eat your eggs. If you're asking whether it will cook to a scrambled egg consistency, the answer is likely "no" if you wait to add it until the cycle has finished and it's on the "keep warm" setting. If you add the egg earlier in the cycle, when it's closer to boiling, the egg will be more cooked. I'm sorry if this sounds all too obvious...

    1. Make sure the egg is room temperature --- put the whole egg in shell in some hot water from the tap if you don't have time to leave one on the counter.

      i do this all the time with hot jook. I don't do it on the heat, just stir it into my individual serving, and the egg will thicken and set. But that's a savory dish, don't know if I'd like it with banana and nuts.

      1. My MIL makes a sweetened oatmeal like this--the egg makes the oatmeal smooth and creamy. You want the oatmeal hot but not too hot or it'll cook it too quickly. You could also temper the egg first with some oatmeal. You don't want to see evidence of the egg but just get the creamy goodness.

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          Tempering the egg's a better idea --- stirring some of the hot oatmeal into the beaten egg to warm it.

        2. If your rice cooker is on the "keep warm" stage then yes, absolutely. I do this all the time with eggs when I cook rice.

          But whether it will cook the egg "enough" as you say really depends on how cooked you like your eggs in your oatmeal. If you like your eggs on the runny side, you'll be happy; if not, then I'd suggest tempering or warming up the egg first as chowser and Melanie Wong suggest up above.

          1. "It sounds nasty but then then you do add egg to cake"

            it does and believe me, eggs in cake batter cooking away in the oven is entirely different.

            "cheap easy way to add protein to my usual breakfast"

            beat the eggs and season, transfer to suevee (sous vide) bags (ziplocs work fine) and pop that into your rice cooker. protect eggs from oatmeal and oatmeal from eggs.

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              "protect eggs from oatmeal and oatmeal from eggs."

              Really? Why?

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                savory and sweet - not like it'll turn out to be oat custard... then again i could be wrong but i really like my scrambled eggs separate from my breakfast oats. if they're gonna get all mixed up, best they do in my gut and not in the rice cooker. actually, i prefer the microwave for my oatmeal.

                1. re: epabella

                  Not all oatmeal is sweet, at least not mine.

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    I recently had a lunch special with a fresh fish, sautéed courgettes and savory oatmeal served with a light curry sauce. Fantastic!

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                    The eggs shouldn't be scrambled but smooth, like a carbonara, not visible. But, savory and sweet--what's not to like.