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Aug 31, 2010 08:32 AM

Red Velvet Cake

Hi - I am looking for a Red Velvet cake for my nieces 11th birthday. Any suggestions? I live in the Southwest Metro, so if there is anything in that area, that would be good. I seem to remember that this was discussed previously, but dang if I can find it. Thanks

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  1. Kowalski's does a red velvet cake that's good. I haven't checked out any bakeries. Honestly though, it's fairly simple to make one from scratch if you can't find one you love.

    1. Costco's has a huge round red velvet cake for $9.99 which tastes great! Lots of room on top for the candles.

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        I'm not a big fan of Costco cakes. The cake itself isn't that bad, but the frosting is terrible. You get what you pay for.

      2. Sweet Retreat has some very good Red Velvet cupcakes and I think they also do special order cakes.

        1. Cake eater also does Red Velvet as well as Red Hot Velvet and any of their cupcake flavors can be ordered as a cake.

          I really think they are the best of the new cupcake bakeries. Everything I've tried is out of this world and they make a true buttercream as opposed to lard and powdered sugar of most commercial bakeries.

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            Although a real RV cake has cream cheese icing, not buttercream.

            1. re: meljohns

              old southern ladies will say a real RV has gravy icing not cream cheese.

                  1. re: type2runner

                    sometimes called roux icing. you cook some flour & milk to help the icing hold up in hot humid climes. more info at-


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                Yes I know it does...I was referring to their frosting in general compared to commercial bakeries. I was commenting on Cake Eater bakery overall in my second statement.

                Sorry for the confusion.

            2. We ended up at the Queen of Cakes in Edina and I am happy we did. The Cream Cheese Red Velvet cake was a real hit with my now twelve year-old niece. The cake was very moist and the frosting was great. They were very helpful. They asked who the cake was for and how we would like it decorated. They gave us lots of ideas but we pretty much let them design the cake. My niece loved the lime green and purple polka dots and the birthday wish that adorned her special cake on her special day. All in all, a very good experience.