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Aug 31, 2010 08:01 AM

Lafayette Bistro

Looking for a spot for dinner and heard that Lafayette Bistro was a decent spot in NoLibs. Anyone been there and willing to share your experience?

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  1. yep, have been and wanted to love it but only liked it. i was v excited that the chef was tunisian but unfortunately there aren't many northern african dishes on the menu. the couscous was especially disappointing, as was the tagine chicken. the grilled octopus app was good, but not particularly well-plated (not a big deal to me, but it put my bf off a bit), the stuffed mushrooms were also v nice and the pasta i had was good but not great/transcendental.....i think it was the capellini gamberi? i'd go again, and i'd advise you to bring a bottle of rose, it pairs best with most of the dishes.