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Aug 31, 2010 08:00 AM

What do I order at Honey Pig?

After much badgering and begging I finally got my husband to agree to go to Honey Pig. What do you guys think we should order? Should we order 2 meats or just one?

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  1. two meats. thick pork belly and bulgogi.

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    1. re: littlew1ng

      i like the bulgogi/octopus combo. sort of out of this world.

    2. The last time we went to the one in Ellicott City, we were told we had to order a minimum of 2 meats for the barbeque. (Originally we wanted just the ribs and a seafood pancake.)

      The ribs are very good; the octopus/pork combos are also good and VERY spicy. They've cranked up the heat from when they first opened.

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      1. re: little audrey

        I agree on the pork/octopus combo if you like spicy. If not go for the bulgogi/pork belly combo. And the seafood pancake is very good. That will give you a ton of food, but will be good.

        1. re: little audrey

          It's been a few months for me, but the one in Annandale always lets me order just one meat and grill everything at the table.

        2. Order 2; you'll get a little more variety, and worst case you'll have some tasty leftovers. I'd recommend the spicy pork belly, and one of the cephalopod+pork chul pan dishes.

          1. Thick pork belly (#1) and LA Rib. Make sure they give you kimchee on the grill.

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            1. re: fudizgud

              Yum! So you ask for the kimchee on the grill, and it automatically comes with lettuce and rice and other banchan? I am getting so excited.

              1. re: msjess

                They will do both kimchee and onions, garlic & peppers with hot red stuff on the grill. If they are slammed or think you don't like hot food, they sometimes skip it so just ask. The banchan are the weak link. The steamed egg is incredible (1.99) and the kimchee chgae is pretty good. LA Rib is cross cut shortrib (thinner slice with the three ribs atached together) and is really nice cuz it gets really crispy.

                1. re: fudizgud

                  Well I'm back! Husband and I ended up taking our adventurous eater mother in law. We ordered the Bulgogi and spicy pork belly as well as seafod green onion pancake and bi bim bap. Dinner came with a complimentary salad with yummy dressing. I agree the banchan were a little weak, I wasn't exactly sure when I was supposed to eat them, before dinner or with dinner. I really liked both meats and the bi bim bap was excellent. The only thing i didn't like was the pancake. I've made scallion cakes before and I like mine to be a little more crunchy and less puffy. Theirs reminded me almost of a funnel cake, it was so fluffy. The service was super attentive and nice.

                  1. re: msjess

                    Which Honey Pig did you visit? When they first opened in Ellicott City, they didn't have bi bim bap on the menu. I'd love to hear that they added it.

                    1. re: HowChowBlog

                      I went to ellicot city so yes they now have bi bim bop on the menu! Make sure you specifcy how much you want your egg cooked.

              1. re: crosby_p

                Most of the BBQ plates are $12.99 to $14.99. Sides are under $5.99. Chul Pans are around $15. 2 can eat well for under $50 including a soju or a couple of beers.

                1. re: fudizgud

                  Thanks...I've never had Korean food so this will be a treat...for just one person what would you recommend? I love pork belly and spice...but love octopus and seafood as well!

                  1. re: crosby_p

                    for just one person I rec that you find a few others to join you. that way you can sample the korean bbq and a couple of dishes otherwise

                    1. re: dining with doc

                      Unfortunately it's a weekday so I'll be solo...but still want to try a couple of things ...leftovers are fine!

                      1. re: crosby_p

                        Id order wither the LA Rib special or the pork belly and squid chul pan and hae a steamed egg with either. Korean is not very amenable to solo dining unless you go to Korean AYCE buffet like Hee Been. You will be stuffed with one main dish.

                        1. re: fudizgud

                          Korean is generally better w/ multiple people to share things, but I wouldn't say it's not amenable to solo dining; I do a solo breakfast or lunch at Honey Pig about once a month, and I manage to waddle away pretty happy afterwards most of the time.

                          (And I second the vote for the pork belly & squid or octopus chul pan + steamed egg as a great combo for a singleton; depending on your appetite you'll probably have leftovers, though--for $2, the steamed egg takes up a lot of space in a belly.)

                          1. re: sweth

                            It's now a toss up between LA Rib, Pork Belly and octo...can't wait!