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Aug 31, 2010 07:55 AM

Why are videos playing from Chow Tips, when I didn't click on them?

Is it only me? I went to the video (something about muddling drinks) and stopped it, but it keeps playing. I never even look at Chow so it's weird.

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  1. It's not only you. Did you look at the list of topics here in the Site Talk forum? Someone else asked the same question a few days ago ( ). It has not yet been answered though.

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      Thank you so much. I always think I got a virus, paranoid I know but it starts with some loud alarm sounds. This just started with me so I didn't look too far back.

    2. It keeps happening to me. It is the most annoying thing ever!!!

      1. I thought my mouse accidentally hit something and I could not find a way to stop it.

        Terribly annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Hi all, I'm not sure what's happening for you, since autoplay is definitely turned off on all of our sidebar video players, but I've put through a request to investigate the issue with our technical team. Any specifics you can give about when this happens, if you have other windows open when it does, have you hit play before or not, and is it as soon as you open a new window would help us figure it out. Since there are only a few of you who have had this problem, it might take a while to figure out, but we'll do what we can.

          Thanks! Meredith of CHOW

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          1. re: mudaba

            We are having problems reproducing this - the videos are NOT autoplaying for us. For those of you having this problem, is it just happening on certain threads? If so, could you post links to threads that are having that problem?


            1. re: Engineering

              It happens on random threads - if I had to guess - maybe 1 in every 200 I open. I *do not* press play before the video starts - it starts completely on its own. The next time it happens I'll link to the specific thread here. Thanks.

              1. re: Engineering

                OMG, this is awful. It just happened to me. The video section usually scrolls off to the right of my screen, so I never notice them. Usually I turn my sound off, but I'm taking online Spansh classes so I have the sound turned on to full blast and all of a sudden I hear this unwanted noise. It just loops over and over, never stopping.

                Here's the specifics

                IE.8 - Notebook - Windows 7

                1. From my profile page I right clicked to open three unread threads in new tabs. When I'm in my profile page, I always click on 'replies' so the thread skips the OP.

                2. I went back to my Spanish lesson (silent written part) and the video started playing

                3. I had never even looked at the newly opened tabs so there is zero chance I accidently clicked on something

                4. It is in this topic on home cooking, a rather long one

                5. In addition to the lavander sugar video which loops a few times, it then moves on to coffee, then making your own pectin, occasionally a bunch of commercials pop up. Now it is randomly looping through lots of other videos, some of them cut off before they complete. In fact the longer it plays, the more likely the commercial or video abruptly ends and goes to the next one.

                6. I've had my sound on for about a week now and this is the first time it happened. However, I haven't been on Chowhound as much as usual lately. I have opened that thread a number of times this weekend and never had that problem until today. I just reopened it and no problem. It displays the diluted iced coffee video ... but does not play this time.

                Since this didn't happen immediately when I just re-opened the topic, I'll leave it open in a tab for a while. It seems like it didn't start immediately, since I was working on the Spanish lesson. So far it's been up for about 10 minutes and is not playing.

              2. re: mudaba

                It was definitely happening to me too, I think it's happening to more people than just those who posted about it. It hasn't happened in a week or so, but it would definitely just start playing on its own as soon as I clicked into a new page.

                1. re: JasmineG

                  I find it happens not only when I load a new page, but also if I have a board index or thread open in one tab, and am on an entirely other website in another tab - I may not have even looked at Chowhound for some time, but have the site loaded in a tab I am not using. Suddenly I hear the audio from a Chow Tips video playing.

                2. re: mudaba

                  it happens to me ALL the time! It happens when I visit the Ontario thread

                3. It just happened again: I had clicked on the "perfect choc cake" and the continuous chow tips go on and on -- I minimized that in order to reply on here.