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Aug 31, 2010 07:44 AM

Gluten free

Hi all,

Coming to visit Portland in October with a gluten free celiac. I've done searches but didn't come up with much besides Andina. Any other chow worthy places you can think of?

Andina Restaurant
1314 NW Glisan, Portland, OR 97209

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  1. I have only superficial knowledge of gluten/celiac dietary requirements, but off hand I think you could do pretty well at Toro Bravo, Tasty and Sons, Pok Pok, and there are vegan places in town that are good - I like Blossoming Lotus quite a bit and they have GF items listed.

    Pok Pok
    3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

    Blossoming Lotus
    1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97212

    Toro Bravo
    120 NE Russell St Ste A, Portland, OR 97212

    1. I just went to a very new seafood restaurant called FIN on SE Hawthorne last week. My friend is gluten free and I was astonished as to how many items on the menu were gluten free. Lots to choose from. I recommend that place. Good luck!

      1. Hawthorne Fish House or Corbett Fish House have an extensive GF menu, and their fried fish is the best in town.

        1. The original comment has been removed