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Aug 31, 2010 06:29 AM

best store bought chicken stock?

hey everyone -
I'm looking for your thoughts on the best store-bought chicken stock, doesn't matter if it's low sodium or organic or whatever - just wanna know what tastes the best!

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  1. Pacific low sodium chicken stock is what I use - you can get it at Loblaws or Whole Foods. It's expensive though - comes in a tetra pack. It is very good - no salt really so you have to add the salt. If you usually use a regular chicken stock in a recipe you might notice the result is different due to the low salt content. I prefer it that way myself but it won't work for everyone.

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      This is the branch I use. The stock is excellent. Makes great soups. Just adjust the seasoning to your liking, and you get to keep the sodium content low!

    2. Store bought: Swanson's Organic in the box.

      Commercial: Minor's Chicken Base.

      1. Somewhat ashamed to say the Rachael Ray chicken stock I've bought at the Pacific/Dundas No Frills is really quite good. Fairly simple ingredients list and a nice flavour, although it might be a little more vegetable-y from some people's preference.

        1. I'm pining for the old PC Chicken Stock Base -- it stored well in the fridge and tasted like the real thing.

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            Here's a question - how long do you keep chicken stock open in the fridge?

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              I've kept mine up to a week, but it would be better if you could use it up in 3-4 days after opening. I find the taste flattens out a bit after it's been open and in the fridge for a bit.

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                It wasn't a liquid but a base that you added water to.

            2. I often end up with the Pacific brand as I shop regularly at the Big Carrot because it is close to me. I find the pacific has a strong vegetable flavour – especially carrot. This, I feel, is a detriment.

              My preference is for PC Organic (not because it is organic!). I find it has a nice clean, full chicken flavour.

              I would like to try Swanson's. I have not had the chance. It won on a taste-test on America's Test Kitchen a couple of year's ago.