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Aug 31, 2010 05:10 AM

next weekend in NOLA/Saints game

Taking two friends to NOLA for their first time visit. Will be arriving on Thursday night and just figured out the Saints open that night. We are staying the the Quarter. Have reservations at Emril's for Friday night and have brunch reservations for Sunday. Saturday will be the Ole Miss game. Any recommendations for Thursday night would be appreciated. I am scared it will be really crowded in the Quarter. Looking for a nice bar with food in the Quarter to take these people for their first night in New Orleans. I have never been in the city for a Saints game. Will the crowds thin out during the game?
Thanks for any advise!

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  1. It's going to be insane. In addition to the game, there's a Dave Matthews/Taylor Swift concert in Jackson Square, and a parade down Decatur Street. I doubt the Quarter will thin out much during the game. What time are you arriving? If you are getting in early enough, maybe you can just find someplace to hunker down, maybe the bar at Antoine's where you can get food from a bar menu or order off the regular menu, or Erin Rose which is a fun bar just off Bourbon St. that has decent bar food. Another option might be the Three Legged Dog, a sort of divey bar with a bar food menu. Otherwise I'd say just go with the flow and have fun with the crowd. That might really be your only option.

    1. You may want to go to Emeril's on Thurs rather than Fri. The pre game vibe and great food make it our regular dining spot before heading to the dome. They will have the game on in the bar for those that remain. You could also venture up to Lucy's (a short walk) to watch the game. The parade will muck things up a bit. Emeril's called to tell us Tchoup. will be blocked (no valet till after the parade passes) So, if you decide to go, go early (before the parade gets there)...resv a must.

      Emeril's Restaurant
      800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

      1. Jazzy B is correct. Go to Emeril's Thursday night. You can take a cab from the FQ. But it really is not a bad walk. Go early and stop by Lucy's Bar then Emeril's maybe come back to Lucy's after you eat. Drew Brees hangs out at Lucy's but he won't be there Thursday night. Emeril's has an outstanding bar. The Carousel Lounge at The Monteleon Hotel is nice. Napoleon House is fun. Go to the Bar at The Ritz Carlton and listen to Jeremy Davenport play jazz at Devenport Lounge after 9 PM. Go to the French 75 Bar at Arnaud's. You could have dinner there Friday night. It's one of the oldest restaurants in the city.

        French 75 Bar @ 813 Rue Bienville, New Orleans, LA. 504 - 523 - 5433.

        Go to Galatoire's, Mr. B's, Bayona or Nola for dinner in the FQ.

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          All that looks like good advicce but I have hesitated in recommending Lucy's just becuase it has become SO "Saints Central" since Mr Brees showed up after Da Parade...I am owrried it will be unmangeable this season--not that it was empty before. Well, forewarned is forearmed.

          Recent years have taught me that football nights are no longer safe anywhere...people have their little TV's in restaurants (for years it was radios...used to be we just asked rthe waiter what the score was b/c they were listening/watching in the kitchen).

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            Hazelhurst. You are right about Lucy's. But I think it will be manageable at Lucy's right before and during the game. What time is the game anyway. The OP could check it out and then make his way to Emeril's bar for more relaxation though.

            Emeril's Restaurant
            800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

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              Game starts at 7:30 but The Big Whoop starts on TV at 7:00, I think. Just about anywhere that has a TV set up will be awfully loud and, truth to tell, I can have some fun with that. I dunno..Lucy's might be fine, which is to say its ordinary self....

        2. I am fairly committed to going to Emril's on Friday night. It was my original thought to do the French Quarter and possibly Frenchman St. on Thursday night but with the ballgame, I just don't know. I am scared it is going to be so crowded it is going to be impossible. Just trying to find some idea of a safe place where we can watch the game. have drinks and something good to eat. By safe, I do not mean it is dangerous, just not too terribly crowded!

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            GW Fins may be a bit more upscale than you were thinking. However, the food is quite good and they have a nice bar area with tv. It is doubtful there will be a crowd.

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              As JazzyB said, if you stay upscale you should be alright, simply because once their full their full. I wouldn't be surprised if most places are already booked. I would be on the phone if I were you, or just just go with the flow.

            2. Friday and Saturday, 9/10-11, is the NO Seafood Festival in Lafayette Square. Good food and good music. Might be fun to bring your guests there on Saturday.