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Aug 31, 2010 03:24 AM

recos close to the sound academy

Going to see a show tonight-any recos near this venue?

Logistically i understand I will probably have to cab it there from the restaurant but can anyone think of anything within a 5 minute cab ride away?

I know Mill St. pub is somewhat close and the beer is good but the food is not great.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. Mangia E Bevi‎ at 260 King St. has good pizzas.

    1. Is there any venue in the downtown core that is more inaccessible without a car? I hate it! It's next to impossible to get a cab after the show, too, if you call for one someone else will always steal it before it finds you. Anyway...

      I second the Mangi & Bevi recommendation. Other places in the vicinity are:

      - Weezies - a great little bistro on King east of Parliament, but reservations are probably a good idea and the meal might take longer than you'd like if you have to eat and run for the show. Love the steak frites, and their steak tartare. Usually there other good seasonal specialties and at least one fish option. Even the burgers are good.

      - Le Petit Dejeuner - little Belgian-inspired restaurant on King East between Jarvis and Sherbourne. Everything I've eaten here is good, but I especially love their frites. And for dessert you can even get those amazing waffles people line up for at weekend brunch.

      - Betty's - hole-in-the-wall pub on King east of Sherbourne. Just throwing it in because you mentioned Mill St. Betty's has a vast beer selection (including some of the Mill St. beers) and their food is pretty decent if you keep your expectations to that of a typical pub (wings, sandwiches, fish and chips, curries, etc.) Better food than Mill St without the tourist chaos and all for half the price.

      354 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1K9, CA

      Le Petit Dejeuner
      191 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1J5, CA

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      1. re: Gary

        Just a warning on Betty's. It's a great place for beers and the staff are amazing but I've had some really horrible food there. The last straw was ordering some nachos and the chips were coated so thick with salt to the point of being inedbile. We pointed it out to the waitress and she let out an "oh my God!" upon closer inspection of the food . This was about three years ago so possibly there have been changes. Honestly with pub food I'm not that picky either. It's a neighbourhood jem with a loyal following for drinks but proceed with caution on the food!

      2. I highly recommend Gilead Bistro. I had a very good meal there last Wednesday. I also second Weezie's.

        354 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1K9, CA

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        1. re: sloweater

          thanks guys very helpful!

          does Weezie's have a patio?

          354 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1K9, CA

          1. re: xiolablue

            They don't have a patio, just a small room of about 30 seats. It's a cozy, intimate space with simple, but well-prepared food.

            1. re: sloweater

              Great food but not exactly a get the party started kind of place.

              1. re: Herb

                True, but it sounds like the OP is interested in eating a decent meal.

                1. re: sloweater

                  i am looking for a combination of both actually-somewhere with decent food and drink in an albeit impossible location

                  any suggestions Herb?
                  thank you for all who have replied

                  1. re: xiolablue

                    I haven't eaten there but the Keating Channel Pub is a very short walk.
                    Last time I went to Sound Academy I ate at the Mill St. Pub. Anything in the Distillery is basically a 10 minute walk, which isn't so bad.

                    1. re: xiolablue

                      I'd go Gilead. Can be pricey at dinner but not really a dine & dash spot.