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Aug 31, 2010 03:04 AM

Swedish foodie needs assistance in rainy, cold Vancouver

Dear fellow chowhounds. I will spend oct 30 to nov 5 in Vancouver. Unfortunately alone.
I will be based in the Wedgewood, where I have got a reasonable deal. I am in dire need to settle my oyster cravings regularly. And when I mean cravings, I mean 2 dozen per night. I realise Rodney has 1.50 oysters on their low tide offerings.I know la Brasserie has buck a shuck after 9 PM, What oysters do they have for that price? Likewise, Coast and Relish for their buck-a-shuck? Just one variety? Anyone familiar with a BETTER restaurant than Rodney´s (was distinctly underwhelmed with their other foood in Toronto) if one wants to eat anything else afterwards without breaking the bank in Yaletown? I gather the dine in Yaletown week ends on oct 31. Any suggestions that can´t be missed for oct 31?
I would also love to be able to soothe my cravings for Uni. Any nice affordable place near my hotel for that?
What are Your thoughts for amazing lunch deals around the Conference centre? I see Cardero´s get mixed reviews. Any other suggestions within easy walking distance?
For dinner I had thought Relish for the first night since it is open late and I arrive at the airport 830 PM. What do You think of Twisted Fork, La Brasserie, Le Crocodile and Chambar for the rest of the week? Perhaps an easy night in Hamilton Street grill? Best and most reasonably priced seafood paradise altogether? Coast?
Do comment if You think I have missed anything. The keywords in my list are "fresh cheap oysters of an amazing variety, affordable uni and cozy, affordable restaurants within walking distance of the Wedgewood". And one seafood paradise that can cost a bit more. And quality lunches. I get a substantial break-o for free...
I promise to publish a full review afterwards. Pls see my other postings in the San Diego and New Orleans boards.
Thanking You all in advance I remain
Yours truly

La Brasserie
1091 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E1M5, CA

Le Crocodile Restaurant
909 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z2N2, CA

Twisted Fork
1147 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z1M1, CA

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  1. I will let others comment on your oyster selections. If you like Italian food, I have had good luck recently at Lupo . Cioppinos is one of the best restaurants in the city and a favourite of a couple of your countrymen - Henrik and Daniel Sedin; just watch your wine selection as they have some really high priced options. Both are as close to your hotel as some of your other choices. I would particularly endorse Le Crocodile; never had anything but wonderful food and service there.

    Le Crocodile Restaurant
    909 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z2N2, CA

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    1. re: Philx

      Tks Phil, I must say that I do like Italian food, but in Piemonte and Lombardy. We go to Villa Crespi in Orta twice per year to dine under the watchful belly of 2-michelin starred Tonino Cannavacciuolo, who serves a fantastic 12-course menu with wine pairings for 200 euro. I am glad Le croc is a good choice. They seem to have wonderful entrees with ox marrow, frog legs, scallops and other goodies. I look fwd to trying it.

    2. Your choices are solid with the exception of Relish. I would avoid Relish.

      In the same building there's Guu Garden and I think they might have Uni. They have a special menu of what's fresh that you only get when you arrive and I saw Uni on it the last time I was there.

      I recently went to Blue Water in Yaletown and they had excellent oysters. They are a bit pricey, on par with Chambar's prices.

      As for Rodney's, the oysters are great just avoid the cooked food items.

      838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

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      1. re: moyenchow

        Tks moyenchow. Why avoid Relish? Seems a nice menu... As per oysters, I can´t pay 3-4 bucks a piece and have 24 oysters as a first course every night...Are there nowhere good oysters to be found at a buck a shuck?

        1. re: Rustscheff

          Joe Fortes does Oysters haven't been for a while though.


          It's easy enough to buy a couple dozen fabulous Oysters or various kinds from Lobsterman on Granville Island along with a few lemons/some bread/a beverage and have a picnic-if Lobsterman doesn't sell knives West Marine near GI does.

          1. re: Rustscheff

            I wouldn't go so far as to say avoid is a small place, but it is cozy, and their oysters are great for "buck a shuck". It is not top-tier Vancouver food by any means, but definately a solid choice very close to your hotel.

            1. re: Rustscheff

              I've have two bad experience with both the food and service at Relish. Also October 30 is Saturday, most restaurants downtown stay open a little later so you should have more choice.

              I understand about the oysters...they are tasty but can be pricey.

              If you willing to walk to Chambar, have you considered some of the restaurants in Gastown?
              Cork & Fin has a seafood focus

              There's also Corner Suite Bistro close by to your hotel.

          2. Here's my recommendations for lunch in the downtown area. :
            - Miku Restaurant at 1055 Hastings.
            - Scuie (sic) at Pender and Howe is a breakfast/lunch place that serves great "Romano" pizza on very crisp crusts, other good Italian food, good coffee and wine.
            - I like the cafeteria at Urban Fair on Cordova and Bute. Straight ahead food. Hot, not too expensive, communal eating. Outside patio if the weather's clear.
            - Walk down Water street to McLean's Resteraunt, Bar and Deli. Go to the Deli, order one of their custom sandwiches and get your free bag of home made chips. Get something to drink and go sit outside and people watch while you eat. The restaurant may be good as well - I've always focused on the sandwiches.
            - The Fairmont hotel is right beside the conference centre and always a good bet for food.

            Miku Restaurant
            1055 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9, CA