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Aug 31, 2010 02:09 AM

ISO old school Eggplant Parmigiana

That's all I want - an ooey gooey unctuous mess of joy on a plate.

Any reccomendations?

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    1. re: bigeaterjustin

      Thought of them and even googled them but current reports say quality has gone way down.

      Thanks, though. I might check them out/

    2. If you look at the menu, this place in Gastown has it.

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        1. re: ck1234

          Finally got here, ck1234. Thanks for the rec. It was a bit salty but pretty tasty with a big accompanying caesar salad and a bit of bread.

          Diverse, interesting menu for such a small place.

          There's a place called Osteria Napoli on Renfrew I've heard about that serves it as well if anyone's interested.

          1. re: repartee

            Aw, too bad it was salty. I've only had coffee and a panini there.

            Oseria Napoli is also the place that fmed talked about serving porchetta.

        2. My place, when the temp dips below 90degF. ; >P

          1. I have never seen it on a menu in Vancouver (except for a place on commercial that was forgettable-don't remember the resto's name) but Mark Bittman has a really easy recipe for it and it's quite tasty. I found it in How to cook everything Vegetarian.

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            1. re: selena03

              aw you guys.....all this talk of eggplant parmigiana has me craving it really badly - too bad there's no decent eggplant to be found in Vancouver....apparently the cold snap in California has ruined them all.