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Aug 30, 2010 08:23 PM

S-H Donuts in NE Austin

Just wanted to put in a good word for these hard working folks putting out some better than average donuts in my 'hood. It's run by a super friendly vietnamese family who chose to open a donut shop about 6 months ago on not the most attractive stretch of Manor Rd. (above 51st Street, next to the big yellow convenience store). It's a freestanding building that used to be a gas station, which they painted white with a cheerful hand-printed menu down the side of the building.

But the lack of glitz the from the outside will not prepare you for the sparkles that are sure to be coming out of your eyes as you take in what's in the two giant cases of baked goods. To the left, sweet. Donuts, eclairs, cinnamon rolls, apple fritters. Donut holes got into my bag through no request of my own. The star for me was the cinnamon crumb donut. I wanted to try EVERYTHING, and there was a LOT! All lined up in neat, shiny, rows.

Oh no, right side of the cabinet - I didn't forget about you. You are refrigerated. You have kolaches, and things called kolaches that look like buns. Rows of breakfast tacos! Egg - cheese- sausage - chorizo, oh, I can't remember it all, I only had eyes for left side of the cabinet today. Tomorrow, right side of the cabinet, you're all mine.

A couple of boxes of these babys on the way to work and there would be no greater hero at your office. I love that they are here, and I want them to stay!!!!

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  1. What she said. The owners are friendly, the donuts are fresh, and since I live right down the street and around the corner I've been waiting months for them to open, they were teasing us with the "Coming Soon" sign. I find them a little more dense than my favorites, Mrs. Johnson's, but they have nicer icing, more flavor, and it doesn't crack off. The kolaches are really tasty as well, and a bargain. For something like a dollar you can get a nice little sausage about the size of 3 vienna sausages, in a kolache roll, it's a tasty breakfast on the go.