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Pastry/baking classes in NJ?

My SO and I are looking for ANY pastry or baking classes in NJ. Been doing some searching, but I only find various cooking classes or high level culinary degree programs. Does anyone have any suggestions? We're open to a 1 time class or a multi-week class.

Thank you in advance for your help, everyone!

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  1. I would recommend the cooking classes taught through Brookdale Com. Colleges Community Development office. I have taken a basic's class and the cake decorating but they offer all sorts of classes.

    The facilities are ok but the instructors were very good. I also thought they were a good value compared to classes offered at Mumford's Culinary Center in Tinton Falls.


    1. The viking cooking school offers some baking classes (what is offered changes periodically). You can check their website here: http://www.vikingrange.com/consumer/c... . I think there are 2 locations in NJ.

      I've not done a baking class with them, but I have done several of their hands-on cooking classes. They are pretty small classes where people work in teams (so I find it best to go with at least one other person).

      1. King's Cooking Studio offers some baking classes but only a few of them are hands-on. The rest are demonstration only. In any case, check them out here:


        1. http://www.cookntell.com/classes/inde...
          Located in Colts Neck, Cook N Tell runs all sorts of classes for couples.

          Classic Thyme hasn't printed their fall schedule yet, but give them a call

          and my personal favorite

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            Thnks for the tip about In the Kitchen. I didn't know about this place, it's only about an hour from me & the classes look great.

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              My pleasure, flourgirl. We tied a weekend to DE into a few classes last time. I think this schools particular approach is well worth the duckets. Good luck. Call for the new schedule.

          2. Taste and Technique in Fair Haven is great. I have taken many classes here as well as Cook n' Tell in Colts Neck. Both are great!


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              MGP, while researching just be sure you are clear on what you are paying for. Many newcomers to cooking classes arrive surprised that they signed up for a lecture or demonstration; not hands on instruction. Taste & Technique is a lovely company, many of their classes are not hands on. Always good to call and ask.

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                FYI-Taste & Technique instructor Diana Albanese (she is very good) also teaches for Brookdale, while you have to travel to Freehold very often the classes are more reasonably priced.

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                Thank you so much for all the great tips, everyone!

              3. On page 32 of the Winter 2010/11 issue of Edible Jersey magazine is a resource guide to cooking classes all over NJ. As well as a link to the Food Studies dept. at The New School/NYC. were continuing ed, one day workshops and public events are offered.

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                  Hill, do you get a subscription to that mag? If so, when did you get the winter issue? I haven't received mine yet....

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                    flourgirl, I pick up every issue at either Whole Foods in Middletown, Sickles Market or in Red Bank stores. EJ is typically avail where their advertisers are located. Free of charge. I found the new issue on Monday @ WF.

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                      I did not know that. Thks for the tip. I now know some of the places that carry this locally & I'm going to check into this. Might not be renewing next year....

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                        I was aware you could order a sub but given the free availability in markets I frequent, I never bothered. I do subscribe to other regional Edible mags tho. And if you can bear another cookbook, The Edible Cookbook is outstanding. http://www.ediblecommunities.com/cont...

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                          If you enjoy the Edible community, their free radio podcasts are very interesting.

                  2. I see that one of the cook 'n' tell classes is already sold out. At $75 a pop I wonder if this is a profitable line of business?

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                      Best way to know is to take one of Sue's classes.

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                        I've taken quite a few of Sue Sell's classes at Cook n' Tell. they are all informative, totally hands on, quite fun, printed copies of all the recipes and you get to eat what you make. Her classes sell out pretty quickly.

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                          And Sue has a dream commercial kitchen ta boot!

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                        Sue has a great kitchen and I have taken many classes. One of my favorite chefs is Kathleen Sanderson. As Hill J said, the classes are very informative and you leave with so much more knowledge!! You also learn by the other class mates. Excellent concept and I can't wait to take some more classes!

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                          Angelina, once your baby is hold enough to hold a measuring spoon, be sure to sign up for the parent/child classes. Start them off right (I did!)

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                            I did'nt even think of that!!! What a great idea, Hill!!! Thanks so much! :) I think I have some time yet, my little sweet pea is only 3 1/2 months! :)

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                              The current issue of Edible Jersey magazine features a current and statewide list of cooking schools, classes and food events.

                      3. Try www.njsugarartacademy.com if youre specifically interested in cake decorating !