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Aug 30, 2010 07:47 PM

Friday Afternoon bar-b-que?

My wife and i will be traveling to Austin for a football game, and will be arriving Friday @ 1;30. Would that be too late to head down to Lockhart for some good meat? We're already heading to Lexington on Saturday morning...

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  1. If you are traveling, as in, flying - that makes it a whole lot easier to go to Lockhart since ABIA is on the way. You are correct that it may be too late, as places do run out of food. However, I've found that if you call ahead, sometimes you will get lucky and they will save a pound of this or that for you. They have definitely done it for me at City Market in Luling (15 more minutes past Lockhart on 183), don't know about the others, but it's worth a try.

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      Is this really an issue for the Lockhart/Luling places? (running out of meat) I know it's an issue at Snow's, but I've never heard of it happening at Kreuz or City Market.

      City Market
      633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648

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        It actually can be. H and I made a late afternoon stop at Luling City Market on our way home from the coast a couple weeks ago and they were sold out of brisket. It was around 4pm on a Friday. We got ribs and sausage there and then stopped at Black's for our brisket. They still had plenty of everything.

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          Agreed. I've shown up at Kreuz more than once when they've been out of brisket. Thankfully, Smitty's (or Black's) has come through in such cases.

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        I just finished eating at Smitty's in Lockhart, Texas. I have had better bar-b-q at Bill Millers. The brisket was like eating rubber, pork ribs had a stale taste which left me queasy. They charge for everything else including onions and pickles. Cost was to high. I brought home the rest of the meat with me to feed my dog which I am quite sorry about now, since he seems not to trust me as much, after he got a terrible case of gas. O.K the atmosphere was good but really there is no way I will ever go back there again. Much better choice: Iron Works

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          I've stopped at Smittys a few times and have never had any issues even though Kreuz is definitely a better joint IMO. Blacks OTOH has never impressed me. Dry brisket and sausage and nothing special about their ribs. If you're in Austin and looking for a cue fix, drive 20 minutes to Southwest Market in Elgin.

      3. I know it doesn't get all the props here that it might ought to, but I think Stubb's has great 'Cue and it's going to be available lunch and dinner and their sides are far better than any of the other BBQ joints in Lockhart. They have a good smoker and use good wood. I prefer their ribs and chicken to most every other place in austin aside from Franklin's (out of food by 1 pm daily). It won't beat what you'll find in Lexington, but if you get a two meat plate with ribs, chicken, or moist brisket and some serrano cheese spinach (best in town), fried okra, fried green tomatoes, or onion rings, you would be hard pressed to leave disappointed. If their consistency was better, this place would be stellar. Sometimes the meat's been dry, but not lately. anyway, might be a better option that driving all the way to a meatless lockhart.

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          "Meatless Lockhart"? I've been driving out to Caldwell County since '91 and I've never come up meatless.

          Not once.

          If Otisdog hit Stubbs on a Friday and Snow's on Saturday he might be facing an assault charge by Sunday.

          Of course he might get lucky and get a judge who'd eaten at Stubbs and could see the wisdom of stomping a mudhole in their "pitboss" but it's still a crime.

          I'd feel downright homicidal if I came to Texas and got hornswoggled into eating at Stubbs when the best brisket on the planet is available a half hour away at Black's in Lockhart.

          Walking by Stubbs on a recent night I thought maybe they'd opened up a creosote production facility nearby but I reckon they were probably just "cooking" barbecue.

          They may however have great sides.

          I don't eat non meat dishes at barbecue restaurants [other than the occasional banana pudding] so I can't speak to their vegetable output but I've always found their barbecue to be on the bottom rung of Austin's joints.

          More about Blacks:


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            Otisdog, the 'chef ain't wrong, Lockhart's Black's brisket is supreme and better than Stubb's. However, if you also want pulled pork or pork ribs, Stubb's has Black's beat, Black's ribs are frankly impossibly tough and rather bland. Lochart's Smitty's does a fantastic brisket, nice san antonio pork rib and beef prime rib, but I'm not certain of their afternoon hours. easy to find online. Neither black's nor smitty's will pull off the sides that Stubb's offers (agreed, we don't seek them, just may like them), and the pulled pork sandwich at stubb's is also very good. if your crew is sufficiently carnivorous and low carb to go meat all the way, sure, head to lockhart and crawl between kreuz, smitty's, and blacks and be done with it. if you still have the cardiovascular stamina and intestinal fortitude for a saturday trip to lexington, all the better. Hundreds of us have reviewed the new Cue trailer, Franklin's BBQ on Yelp. They open at 11 on Sunday. To me that's the best cue in austin these days, but they do run out by noon 30, and are only open wed to sunday. Ryan's pit is a modified hotrod from an old Austin standby (John Mueller's) and he cut his teeth learning to smoke meats under John's tutelage. the result is stellar. He also has great pulled pork.

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              I had some wonderful succulent pork ribs at Black's, but the beef ribs are really where it's at. I always head for Black's as soon as I get off the plane. They stay open til 8 p.m. I like Franklin's too, but that espresso sauce sets my guts to rumbling. Also, you have to be in line by 10:45 a.m. Worth it, though. Just go easy on the sauce.

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              Last time I went to Stubbs was years ago for lunch one Saturday. They used to make a pretty good chicken fried steak and I used to like the spinach too. Ordered and was told, "Oh we don't serve anything 'cooked' at lunch."

          2. Well, I'd like to thank you for all of your responses...yes. we're flying in, so we'll head straight to Lexington for some meat.
            Snow's on Saturday morn.
            Might as well get some good food, cause your Horns are going to kick our 0-3 (by then) ass!