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Aug 30, 2010 07:21 PM

Christmas dining - Strasbourg

Hi all

My soon to be wife and I are travelling to Europe this winter to celebrate our honeymoon. We are from Australia, so looking forward to experiencing a European Christmas. We will be in Strasbourg for the few days over Christmas before heading to Paris for a week over NYE, then Rome after that.

Does anyone have any knowledge of restaurants in Strasbourg that are open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day that they can recommend? Any budget is fine. We are just a bit worried that (wherever we are) nothing will be open on Christmas Day.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have no idea about what is open and not at Christmas. However, I understand from others that the places to visit are outside of town and require a car. You might search on this site for Strasbourg or maybe some kind chowhounder will direct you to the better places in the area.

    1. I have a couple of suggestions. First, restaurant that are in hotels (or connected to them) are the most likely to be open.
      Second, it might be advantageous to email and/or phone some of the more well-known restaurants in the area, explain where you're coming from and what you're celebrating, and ask their advice as to where you might find dinner on Christmas Day. You might receive some lovely surprises.

      1. We have been considering a December visit to Strasbourg simply because of the Christmas markets that materialize each weekend. With Christmas falling on a weekend this year, I can't imagine that many good restaurants won't be open. Using the same logic, I wouldn't postpone making reservations. I made our hotel reservations months ago, and they were for earlier in the month, not Christmas weekend.

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          Many thanks to you all. We have booked accommodation, so will perhaps give them a call to see which restaurants they recommend. Otherwise, ChefJune, I will follow your recommendation and call some restaurants directly. Thanks again.