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Aug 30, 2010 07:20 PM

Where to buy fresh local eggs in Tampa?

This is a timely question, I think, given the current egg recall. Experts seem to agree that the safest thing to do is buy fresh eggs from small, local concerns. (It's either that or hard cook the hell out of your eggs for the rest of your life, a fate I refuse to accept.)

Now, Rollin' Oats sold eggs from Plant City back before it was Rollin' Oats, but now they don't carry anything from nearer by than Gainesville; nor do Publix Greenwise or Village Health Market, both in S. Tampa.

Does anyone know where a person can buy fresh, local eggs around here? Maybe the Ybor City farmer's market, but it's not open year-round. Probably the St. Pete farmer's market, but that's too far for me to go for a staple.


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  1. Every now and then as I drive around the Tampa Bay area I pass a pick-up truck
    with logos that say:

    Eddie's Duck and Poultry Farm...

    I always wondered what all they did, because I'm dying to get my hands on some real,
    full flavor, free range poultry... Chickens, Guinea Hens, & fat ducks...
    Im dying to cook a Guinea Hen.... All dark meat supposedly...
    I gotta give him a call.... I bet they sell eggs...

    They're in the Town & Country area believe it or not...

    1. There is a lady at the Ybor farmers market and she shows up at the one downtown too (during its season). She has chicken and possibly duck eggs. She also has raw goat and cow milk. It says not for human consumption, because that is required by the FDA (because its not pastuerized), but everyone buys it to eat/drink. Those markets should be starting back up before long.

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      1. re: Old E.

        She also sells at the St. Pete Saturday Morning market. And, I'm not 100% sure, but I think she (or someone else) sells fresh eggs at the Sweetwater CSA's market on Sunday mornings.

        Also, does the Ybor market actually close during the summer season? I thought it was the only one that didn't.

        Sweetwaters Restaurant
        465 S Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32904

      2. Here is my advise to you and you can get them even free with a bit of effort, climb the trees and get the eggs from bird's nest, pelican's eggs are even bigger, but if you get the chance to get them from kiwi the eggs are 3/4 of the size of the bird just imagine.

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          1. re: rhnault

            I have a few chickens living in my yard. I know exactly what they've been eating and they are great pets. They live in a nice coop/enclosure and when I am outside, I let them roam the yard. The eggs are delicious. Best eggs in Tampa and they are all mine!

            1. re: digyourself

              I'm jealous! My condo assoc. would freak OUT at the idea of keeping chickens, though it doesn't sound so outlandish to me. Good for you, dig.

              1. re: Miss E

                You are's not as crazy as it sounds. Too bad about the condo deal though. Dancing Goat Farms was selling eggs at the market in downtown Tampa whenever they set that up. Look for her online. She was my "hook up" before the chickens.

                1. re: digyourself

                  Dancing Goat Farms - that's it! Maybe you could find her on the interweb. ???

              2. re: digyourself

                I am guessing you are not dining on Pelican eggs though ;-)

                1. re: rhnault

                  Are you kidding :-) Pelicans will tear you UP, lol!

                  1. re: niquejim

                    And maybe they would like to get it from a local provider too. Save all that diesel from trucking it in.

                2. re: rhnault

                  LOL! Sorry, Abogado, if driving to St. Pete is too much like work for me, the likelihood of my raiding bird's nests for my breakfast is slim. I give you points for originality, though!

              3. You say that St. Pete is too far for you, so this may be too far as well. I am a part of a CSA located just north of Land O'Lakes off of 41 and they have fresh free range organic eggs there. You can buy them for about $3/dozen. I'm not sure if they sell at any of the farmers markets around here, but their farm is open Monday through Saturday 9AM-5PM. You can always call if you are interested - their website is listed below:


                To Mild Bill - In case Eddie's Duck and Poultry Farm doesn't work out - We buy our organic free range chickens for $10 from this CSA, which comes out to about the same total price as Murray's Chickens out of PA (the only certified humane all-veggie diet chicken producer I have found in our grocery stores). They also have cornish hens.

                1. The original comment has been removed