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Aug 30, 2010 07:03 PM

Goose in Calgary - preferably fresh & free range?

Does anyone know where in Calgary I can get a goose (preferably fresh, free-range) for Thanksgiving Dinner? I've never made a roast goose before, but my daughter mentioned she'd love to try goose, so we've decided to replace our traditional fresh, free-range turkey with a roast goose this year. The problem is, where to find said goose to roast - and a really great recipe!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I saw one at Blush Lane (Sunworks) at CFM last year, frozen. For sure I have seen them at Superstore, but they as far as I know were not free range. They were also frozen. You may also want to inquire at Grazin' Acres at CFM.

    1. Second To None Meats has it on their product list.
      "Natural Goose" $8.80/kilo
      Supplied by "Hutterite colony"
      You would have to inquire as to freshness and free-range-ness.

      Or maybe bypass the middleman if you have a Hutterite connection.

      Sunworks Farm also has it on their product list.
      Click on "Certified Organic, Free Range CHICKEN, TURKEY and OTHER POULTRY" to expand the list.

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        I bought a goose from Second to None a couple of years ago for Xmas. It was good, but it was frozen.

        I don't know of anywhere you'll be able to track down a fresh one.

      2. Last fall I did a lot of searching for fresh duck. The only vendor that said I could order fresh BC duck was Chinook Edge at Crossroads. When I arrived to pick up a couple, having ordered them the previous week, I discovered that the unscrupulous SOB's were selling me thawed frozed ducks that hadn't quite thawed. The fat B that was serving me also tried to conceal the ducks removal from a Vac pack by opening them in a deep sink. I called them out on their deception and all the B could do was complain that I was getting too good a deal. I was in a bind, so I took them.. To top it off, when I got home, I discovered that they were utility grade!!!

        So, Caveat Emptor when looking for fresh goose in Calgary.

        I would say that as someone has mentioned, try a Hutterite community if you know someone at one. I do know that some colonies do a fall slaughter in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but that much is frozen for sale.

        1. The original comment has been removed