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Aug 30, 2010 06:58 PM

lunch on Ile de la cite or ile saint louis

Looking for a delicious lunch on ile de la cite or ile saint louis on a friday? Any suggestions?

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  1. Is there a reason you need to stay on either island? Le Reminet is 100 yards away on the Left Bank and will probably provide superior food and certainly value.

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      Second going a few meters to Le Reminet. Get off the islands, Vieil Ami is too chancy. BTW, I ate at Le Saotico in the 9th today where the couple who made Le Reminet great have perched; it was found by that great gastronome Alexander Lobrano (Hungry for Paris) 3 weeks ago and is the only review in their window - fine food.

      I too say always reserve.

    2. My wife and I are partial to Mi Vieil Ami on Ile St. Louis. They do wonderful things with food...especially vegetables. Haven't been to Le Reminet, which lots of people really like.

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        Do you recommend having a reservation for Mon Vieil Ami for lunch on a Friday or is it possible to just walk in? Thanks!!!

        1. re: pigfish

          Yes, make reservations. As I recently wrote for lobo1...

          There is a lively discussion on cancelling reservations, but for what it's worth, here are my quick thoughts.

          Have a plan. Make the best reservations you can get from home. When you arrive, visit the restaurants you really wanted and couldn't reach and beg for a reservation. Bag any reservation that doesn't work with what you really want to do. You only have a few days in Paris, so do what's best for you. Who knows when you'll return, if ever?! Good luck and have fun!!!!