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Aug 30, 2010 05:13 PM

Looking for dinner Friday in Milbrae or Burlingame

Hi I am looking to take my 23 year daughter 'foodie' and friend out to dinner.. I will be meeting them at the Bart.

Looking for a nice place with inventive food,, not dastardly expensive.. Have done the Hong Kong Flower.. probably not looking for Asian. Californian cuisine.. Hmm?

I like Il Forniao's ambiance.. but a small place that is bustling would be fun too.. Probably.. me being the older one.. will not want to wait,would rather have reservations.. thank you

ps.. I wrote a thread ages ago.. when we were moving up here possibly to Portola Valley, so many of your responded!! Well we ended up in Redwood City very close to Woodside..

We have started our dive into the restaurants slowly(its only been three weeks) thanks!!

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  1. we've had several successful meals at mingalaba (burmese/chinese) in burlingame. get the roti appetizer, house special noodles, and the asparagus chicken (but not the basil chicken, which was not good). the papaya salad was also pretty good if you are so inclined. we weren't keen on the lamb curry either; it was a bit dry. there are surely other good things on the menu, but the roti + house noodles + asparagus chicken has been a repeatedly successful combination so we are too habitual to veer off course.

    fwiw, we used to live in sf before we moved down the peninsula - mingalaba and sushi sam's in san mateo are by far our favorites.

    1. Have you tried "Stella Alpina"? Best truffle gnocchi. Solid italian.

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        that looks perfect thank you.. Karen

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          Agreed. Stella Alpina is delicious, though the lovely pastas are much stronger than the mains.