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Aug 30, 2010 03:48 PM

Substitue for White Miso?

Hey all,

I'm hankering to try out this recipe I have for Cream of Zucchini Soup (it's pretty toasty here in the Mitten State today and a little chill soup sounds perfect). However, the recipe calls for 1 teaspoon white miso, which I have not been able to find at a handful of grocery stores (rest assured, I will continue looking). In the mean time, is there something that I could substitute for white miso? I was thinking plain or greek yogurt, broth or bullion? I could be way off, having never tasted white miso before (I do know that it's made of soy - it's been described to me as sweet and mild tasting). Or do you think I could just go without it?


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  1. I don't think there's any substitute for miso, it's unique, really. The things you're talking about won't be in the neighborhood. If you still strike out after checking all the Asian stores around, try a teaspoon of tahini. The texture and mouthfeel will be much closer than the other things.

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        some lactose intolerance people substitute white miso for cream or white roux.
        for example, when you are making a gratin dish, you put white miso and soymilk instead of heavy cream.
        so i guess white roux would work. tahini sounds good too.

      2. Cream of Zucchini Soup? It doesn't sound like white miso is necessary for that. It's probably in the recipe as an umami enhancer, as opposed to an actual flavor contribution.

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          I agree here. Are they kidding you ? ONE TEAspoon? It is mild and sweet compared to the other Misos. Miso is sorta kinda graded on how long it''s been aged. White, is just made, pretty much. At the rate of one teaspoon, to use up a container of White Miso should take you about 30 years depending on how much you like that recipe.
          Skip it and taste, adjust to your palate. It is a Umami taste, if that is not an issue, delete it.
          Tahini to me is not a substitute, it is oily and White miso is very delicate.

        2. I would just skip it. Miso is salty so you need to adjust for that but you would be adjusting seasoning anyway.

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            if you cannot differentiate between white miso and awase miso, which is a regular miso, you might want to try it before commenting.
            i recommend saikyo miso.