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Aug 30, 2010 03:40 PM

Volusia County Dining

There are many nice places to eat in Volusia County. Why not write about your favorites?

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  1. Volusia's main dining destinations are in NSB! I rarely get to go over there so I will write about the ones i do get to visit. Shady Oaks fish camp on the st johns river in deland is one of those places. Fried to order catfish fingerlings that melt in your mouth. Have the potato salad and you'll know it's real. Drive up the road a couple miles and turn right on new york ave and youll be at emmys time out tavern,,Volusia's only REal German place owned by A german Emmy who knows how to treat people right! I might have to go there tonight. I like the rouladen and pork shank on a bed of saur kraut. Her specialty is steak and prime rib and every meal comes with a salad,soup and a whole loaf of homemade bread. You'll need a wheel chair after dinner!

    Shady Oaks Cafe
    132 Avenue B SW, Winter Haven, FL 33880

    1. Just went to Doug and Lil's Potato Patch in Deland (on 17-92 near the Stetson baseball stadium and was surprised at just how good it was. A cash only Southern grandma style restaurant the way Grandma wishes she could make it. The anti-chain. French toast made perfectly, just eggy enough and left me feeling full but not weighed down. Eggs, bacon, grits and home fries done well. Chicken and dumplings - an off menu special - was so good I wanted to drink the sauce. It was served with a green salad - housemade vinagrette on the side - which was just beginning to turn, and was taken and replaced by the owner before I could take a second bite with the comment of "we don't do that here."
      I'm sure that my happiness was partially because I had resigned myself to the fact that eating back home is synonymous with eating greasy spoon food done adequately at best and created by Sysco or at one of the chains that have taken over.

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        Deland has some good home cookin places,, I drive by that place alot ,, I will stop next time.
        There' is also another good home cookin place on the other side of town on hwy 44. Grams Kitchen is also known by bikers to be the place for a good cheap breakfeast. And it is Both. I had two eggs hashbrowns with biscuts and gravy with iced tea for $3.50! and It was good!

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          I've heard Gram's is good, but can be a bit greasy, even for a greasy spoon. Any truth?

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            Yes,, It is a classic greasy spoon.. Complete with mis-matched table ware. My experiences there wern't too greasy of course I didn't order the hamburger and fries. But for three dollars and fifty cents ,,I will put up with a little grease.