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Aug 30, 2010 03:39 PM

Looking for a nice side dish for Lobster...

Looking for a side dish for steamed Lobster that can be prepared either the day before or in the time it takes to cook the Lobster. Dinner (for relatives) around 9 PM so nothing too heavy. Something other than cole slaw or corn on the cob...

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  1. Quinoa with Black Beans from Epicurious....or Orzo with Everything perhaps?

    1. maybe steamed asparagus. Would take less time than the lobsters

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        Asparagus is way out of season.
        But you have all sorts of great summer produce to work with, Tomatoes, Fresh snap and shucking beans,Fennel, Eggplants ,Peppers.

      2. Check out two nearly identical questions posted on this board: "Sides for steamed lobster?" and "What to serve with lobster?" Personally, I like a chilled, crisp fennel and artichoke heart salad to contrast and clean the palate, but there are a ton of opinions out there.

        1. I like saffron rice. As regards asparagus, it goes with anything. Or you could have a steamed artichoke and dip the entire meal in clarfiied butter!

          1. are you wanting a starch or veggie?

            i always like marinated roasted mushrooms... easy to marinate ahead and roast while the lobsters steam.

            i'd also like a roasted celery and fennel slaw with some caraway and maybe onion....

            and my personal favorite is good ol steamed broccoli... fancy it up with some al limone.