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Aug 30, 2010 02:43 PM

Manhattan, KS

Hey all, so my parents are coming for a visit and we have one night out for dinner in Manhattan and I'm wondering if I can get some thoughts on where to take them for dinner. My first thought was coco bolos because its always tasty and its definitely been one of the best places I've found to eat. I've been hearing that the Little Grill is also good and a nice off the beaten path kind of place. Any thoughts? Is it good? I'm not interested in any of the higher end places like Harry's as they live in Boston and I feel like the high end restaurants here don't quite stand up to the ones they have access to where they live. Is there anywhere else I should take them instead?

Thanks for your help.

Little Grill
6625 Dyer Rd, Manhattan, KS 66502

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  1. Amanda, we like to drive to Abilene for the fried chicken at that James Beard award winning place...- it's _____ Hotel. can't remember the first part of the name. They take reservations. It's a true Kansas place ( my mom's from Boston and loves it, if that helps!) :)

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          Thanks, for the suggestion. The brookville has been on my list to try. I don't think we're going to make it there this time as we're having fried chicken for dinner another night this week (unfortunately it probably won't be as good but it's convenient to where we'll be). But I will definitely make an effort to head out there soon.


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            My neighbors love Coco Bolo (they went to Kstate). We've been to a Thai place that is over by a Dillon's store. It's good, a bit sweet, but tasty.

            Coco Bolos
            1227 Bluemont Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502

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              wow have things changed, when I was at KSU the only decent Asian was at the main Hunam out on the West side of town near a Dillon's (loved their duck)

    1. I don't know anything at all about the place, but I love the name. Rock-a-Belly Deli in Aggieville has got to be great.

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        a million years ago in it's first few years Rock-a-Belly had great sandwiches, very casual. was one of the first to use dolphin-safe albacore tuna and other quality ingredients (well higher than most places in the student budget range). have no idea what it's like today.