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Aug 30, 2010 01:31 PM

Source for pork belly in south Florida.

I have been buying frozen pork belly from an oriental market in Lantana. I am not always in love with the quality. Does anyone have a source for heritage pork belly from heritage breeds of hogs.?

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  1. The Japanese Market on North Bay Village has frozen "black" pork belly, which I believe refers to Berkshire pork. I stopped by on Saturday and they had sliced (but raw, uncured) pork belly, like bacon slices, but didn't have the big piece. The quality fo the pork is very good there, although it doesn't always have the skin on it, which makes it impossible to get really crispy.

    The market also has a great sushi bar in front.

    1. I've seen it on occasion at Publix. If you watch Top Chef, Michael Voltaggio wanted to do fresh pork belly, but couldn't find any. He used a whole slab of bacon and the judges said it was a very creative preparation that tasted pretty much the same as a fresh pork belly.

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        I have seen pork belly occasionally at Publix, but never from a heritage breed. I have used a whole slab of bacon and it is good, but it is not the same as fresh pork belly because of the cure and the smoke. You have to be careful that you don't use a bacon that is too salty.

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          Where in South Florida are you? Western Beef in West Boca Has it, as well as Johns Market in East Boca.

      2. Doris Italian Market in Coral Springs carries it. There are many Doris Markets in Broward so I assume they all would have it.

        1. Penn Dutch!!!! Fresh every week and never fozen! More meat than fat.

          1. Speaking of pork belly... albiet from restaurants...

            DaDa in Delray now has it on their menu. Had last week, it was good - but even as the App it's billed as, a little on the meager side. Three small pieces, perhaps each 1 inch square, on top of some sort of cube of tasty toasted bread, $11. It's billed as "Candied Pork Belly, brown sugar and cayanne crusted, with spiced maple syrup glaze". Again, very good, but I could have used a bit more for a cheap cut of meat. I would try again, perhaps the portion was off, or my memory.

            I've also just learned that Tryst has put Pork Belly back on their menu, it was a special for a while but just this week I heard it's on the menu. I may be checking that out this evening. (Speaking of pork, the Tryst Glazed Ribs are ridiculously good). I may do a pork-doubleheader tonight.

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              Last time I was at DaDa I ordered braised short ribs. I got some sort of braised beef but not short ribs. Are you sure you got pork belly? :D