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Aug 30, 2010 01:27 PM

Downtown Orlando, walking distance and foodie-worthy?

A group of us are staying at the Grand Bohemian, and were looking for something in walking distance that's foodie worthy but not too stuffy. I've eaten at the hotel and it's excellent, but a bit more elegant than this group of (partially inebriated) gentlemen will probably want to eat at, what's good in walking distance?


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  1. I've sung the praises of Bento Cafe before. It's very close to the Bohemian on Orange Avenue -- a cool, blue-lit room with creative sushi rolls and a variety of bento boxes and boba tea drinks:

    Ceviche is a little further away, on Church Street, but still quite walkable. A Spanish restaurant with a dizzying assortment of tapas, it's a little upscale but much more casual than the Boheme:

    If you don't mind walking the few blocks down Orange to Central Blvd. and then head a block to the right (toward the Orange County Library's colossal Central Branch), you'll hit the Crooked Bayou, a laid-back dive bar with some of the only New Orleans-style food to be found in Orlando:

    Boheme Restaurant
    325 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

    Crooked Bayou
    50 E Central Blvd Ste D, Orlando, FL 32801

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      Thanks Lou! Ceviche is actually a chain that started out here in the Tampa area, I've been and you're right, it's pretty tasty. I'll further investigate Bento and Crooked Bayou, I appreciate the reco's!

      Crooked Bayou
      50 E Central Blvd Ste D, Orlando, FL 32801

    2. If your in the mood for irish pub food the harp and celt has some great offerings.

      1. Another sushi / bento box place is Amura's on Church Street (right before you get to the Rail Road tracks). For a special dessert, try the Dessert Lady (also on Church Street - but after the RR tracks). For awesome (but very casual) pizza, there's Geno's on Orange Avenue and Church Street. For a pretty decent burger, try Hamburger Mary's on Church street (after the RR tracks).

        Hope this helps!!!

        1. I really like Kres Chophouse - it's pricey but not formal and I like the vibe and quality. Right around the corner too.

          Some other more casual options are Urban Flats (a good local chain, not sure if they're in Tampa yet), Hamburger Mary's and Brick and Fire pizza (haven't been but heard good things)

          1. I recomend Ember off of Central Ave. Beautiful out door seating and they do manage to keep it cool. The prices are great and the food is very good. Plus they have 4 bars and flat screen tvs everywhere usually showing sports so the guys in your group might like that.