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Aug 30, 2010 12:57 PM


I saw this message (copied below) sent to you in 2007 and wanted to know if you can update it and list restaurants that serve Frogs Legs today.
Aug 30 2010

Frogs Legs?

Will be going to Paris in a few weeks. I love frogs legs and I've found it hard to get them in Paris itself. I know that Allard has them regularly but my husband isn't crazy about Allard. Does anyone know of another restaurant/bistro that has them on the menu? Thanks.

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By jeb on Sep 06, 2007 10:46AM

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  1. Here's a link to one that does. My son is an insatiable fan of frogs legs. You can check out their menu on-line and see them offered under "poissons".

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    1. re: Cher Martin

      Thanks Cher Martin, We will be in Parrs early October and hope to get to Royal Madeleine.

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        Their mother restaurant ( l'Escargot Montorgeuil) has a pretty Napoleon III decor, swarms of tourists and frog's legs as well as escargots in all types of preparations. Both places do a pretty fair old fashioned crepes Suzette table side.

      2. IMHO, Le Quincy is the bomb for Grenouilles. End of story.

        1. And there is always Roger la Grenouille. Google for directions and reviews. It's been there forvever.

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            "It's been there forvever."
            Yup, as have their frogs' legs.
            Someone accused me last night of being too nice, so I'm trying to make up for it.
            But seriously, as if I were not always, the last great frogs' legs I had were in 2006 at Le Diapason (in the Terrass’ Hotel in the 18th) which has had a change in chefs so all bets are off.

          2. FWIW, We have been repeatedly told in provincial homes that most of the frogs legs served in restaurants are imported, not local. Whether this is true and/or whether it makes a difference to the diner, I can't attest.

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            1. re: mangeur

              Mangeur; that is my understanding as well, ditto ecrivisses of which there is only one grower in all the EU.

              1. re: John Talbott

                It is true, In France there are almost no domestic Frog's legs or escargot. The frog's legs come from Indonesia, India and other South Asia countries. Escargot are from Eastern Europe and Asia. Interesting point on the ecological damage the export of frogs has done to India. India was infested with frogs, an export market was developed, the mosquito population exploded, no frogs to eat larvae, now India has increased its use of pesticides/insecticides by ridiculous amounts!!!!

              2. re: mangeur

                The only important thing is the way they are prepared/seasoned. And i think France takes the lead.

                1. re: dieting

                  Well, not exactly true, India was banned from exporting Frog Legs a few years ago when it was determined that there were excessive levels of toxins in the flesh. This was the result of overuse of pesticides. As for escargot, there is a problem with "retracing" origins, this is necessary for Salmonella tracking.

              3. Frog's legs are one of the signature dishes at the Relais Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu. I had this dish there and recommend it highly, if you're game for a trip to Burgundy. I didn't ask where the frogs came from.

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                  If memory serves, had them there last year and as at La Grenouille in NY, the legs were coated before cooking. This method is not my favorite as en provencal simply oil, butter, tomato, garlic, etc. is my desired method, just my opinion, not what is better.