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Aug 30, 2010 11:38 AM

Rome Anniversary Help

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are going to the Med. for 2 weeks this October. We will be celebrating our anniversary in Rome on October 20th (a Wednesday). We will have 3 days in Rome. Here is our very rough schedule. I would appreciate any advice! I know I'm asking for a lot of suggestions, but I just can't decide. I also will eat anything, not picky at all. We will be in Italy for 10 days, so even if the suggestion isn't Italian, I would be willing to try it! Thanks so much!

Day 1 (Wednesday): Touring around Villa Borghese and surrounding areas.

Lunch: Something small around Villa Borghese. Any suggestions?

Dinner: This is our anniversary so I want to do something special.

Either La Rosetta or Antico Arco or il Pagliaccio. Or any other rec. :)

Day 2 (Thursday): Campo di Fiori early. Vatican in early afternoon. Late afternoon around the Forum area.

Lunch: Need a suggestion around the Vatican or Forum area.

Dinner: I am thinking:

we have a late tour, and I was thinking we could eat before. But maybe after the tour would be another option? It will be about 10:30 pm.

Day 3 (Friday): Afternoon @ the Colosseum, Capitol, etc. Evening at the Vatican.

Lunch: Around Colosseum area. Again, any suggestions :


Dinner: This is our last night so we were thinking a later dinner around 10. Then we were thinking of going to a bar or something else fun. We were thinking the Campo di Fiori area, although we are open to anything. I would love a bar suggestion or dinner too.

Someone had told us about this place for dinner. However, I thought it looked a little touristy...

Thanks again so much!

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  1. My feedback for Day 1. Dinner: Drop La Rosetta - overpriced; the other two choices are lovely but quite different and have unique merits. Search posts for recent opinions on both, esp. pay attention to Maureen Fant's valuable insight. Add to your list Il Convivio (superb and creative cuisine) or the rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Eden (fantastic views, lovely setting, above average, but not stellar, chow). Others may suggest Agata e Romeo or Hans Beck's joint - I am in the opposing camp and say skip 'em for your anniversary.

    For lunch Day 1, consider Papa Baccus (around the corner from the Westin) which has a Tuscan based menu with steak/meats and produce from the owner's farm in, yup, Tuscany - quality and service is quite good considering how dreary and awful most places are below the Gardens and off the via Veneto. At the base of the v. Veneto is Tuna, a relatively new seafood restaurant consistently doing a very nice job preparing fresh fish. Maureen and Katie Parla, our cognescenti of Roman dining out, have posted how much they enjoy Tuna. I liked it very much last year.

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      I would also suggest Antico Arco or Il Pagliaccio, but they are different, also price-wise, so read up on them. (PS: not all Germans are named Hans, the name is Heinz)
      For lunch that day, though I like and recommend Tuna in general, I wouldn't do it then, as a) Tuna is as expensive as your "special" dining and b) 2 big meals a day could be overkill. Don't know Papa Baccus, but feel the same about that, too - meat sits rather long in your tummy.... What exactly will you be doing on this day - touring around Villa Borghese is vague - do you mean you'll visit Galleria Borghese? If weather is nice (which is a probability in October) you could picnic in the park.

      On day 2, do you want to visit the Vatican Museums *and* the forum in one afternoon? I'd deem it a bit too much. But if you are talking about just visiting St. peters, I can see that in the late morning/noon, and the afternoon for the forum... Then go and have some pasta in Taverna dei Fori Imperiali. What is a late tour (to decide if you might be able to eat before, which I doubt)? Osteria del Memmo is "ok", but it is across from Castel St. Angelo. Is that around where the tour is ending? Then I'd prefer La Campana.

      Day 3 - lunch could be Taverna dei Fori Imperiali if weren't there yesterday. Evening at Vatican? Do you mean the evening entrance to the museums? If you want to go to the Campo area after that to have dinner, I would suggest Roscioli. You can eat late there and you have the best wine list in town.

      1. re: vinoroma

        Very helpful reply! Thanks!

        Okay so for Day 1. We were thinking of going to the Borghese Galleries, but also touring around the park, assuming the weather is nice. A picnic in the park sounds fantastic! I hadn't thought of that! Do you think a market would be easy to find? This is our first day there, so we won't have our bearings yet :)

        For Day 2. We actually have reservations for the Scavi Tour at 11am. It last 2 hours. We will see the rest of the Vatican on Friday night. The late tour that I just booked starts at 9:15 pm. It starts at Sant'Andrea Della Valle. It ends just where you said at Castel Sant'Angelo. I will look into La Campana. I just couldn't get the Antipasti @ Memmo's out of my head. It gets me every time :)

        Day 3. The evening @ the Vatican is the night admittance. We will get in at 7:15 and will be done around 10:30. I will also check out Roscioli.

        Thank you again so much!!!!! you think Heinz's restaurant is overrated? I just don't know what I want. The view looks incredible. Cliche, I know....but it does look cool.

        1. re: Ashlm85

          Heinz Beck's (not Hans!) restaurant is at the Hilton Cavalieri - check it out on the map and you will see its a schlep to/from centro storico. Not knowing your hotel, I think with the limited time in Rome you don't want to spend the time required to get to/from the restaurant and then sit for several hours. His restaurant is highly regarded and Michelin starred but the travel time and formal setting are not, IMHO, appealing.

          You can have a lovely anniversary meal in a stellar place more centrally located based up the three or four suggestions you are chewing on now.

          BTW, the Scavi tour is great. I think you will have a terrific time. You may want to fill out your time in Rome with a walking tour, such as those offered by Context. They do a wine tasting tour during the week at night that you might find of interest.

      2. re: wristband

        Checking out Hotel Eden now. Thanks!!

        1. re: wristband

          All great suggestions, but Il Convivio is even more expensive than the restaurants you defined overpriced....Wortwhile, by all means, but extremely pricey.

          1. re: cristinab

            Agreed - but priced about the same as Il Pagliacco and La Rosetta, both of which were on Ash's original wish list.

            1. re: wristband

              I reread your post. I am sorry, I misinterpreted it...I thought you were suggesting dropping La Rosetta, Beck and Agata because of the price, therefore I was surprised of your suggestion....