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Aug 30, 2010 11:19 AM

Recommendations for Wedding Anniversary Dinner

My wedding anniversary is next month and I'm looking for dinner recommendations. I don't have a specific budget or cuisine in mind but I would like someplace with a nice atmosphere and great service. I would also be interested in a restaurant that offered a tasting menu with wine pairings. Any suggestions?

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  1. Our anniversary is in October and we have already booked Le Bec Fin. It's hard to believe that we have never been there, so when we heard they would be closing next year, we figured this was our (last) chance.

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      Second LBF, there last Friday. No not like it was in its heyday, but still very good, pretty, and welcoming. Both Georges and Bernard were on hand and had a fun time.

    2. I believe Amada has 2 different options for tasting menus, as well as being able to add wine pairings! Their food is amazing, and they allow you to request certain things if there is something on their menu that you're dying to try (the braised pork flatbreads!)

      1. I would also add The Fountain at the Four Seasons for a very special occasion. They usually offer a tasting menu with wine pairings, as well. However, as other members have mentioned, Le Bec Fin has been the gold standard for many years. So sorry to see it go!

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          We chose the Fountain since we were supposed to go to LBF for their Anniversary menu another time. The Fountain was very nice but it was practically empty for a Friday night. I think there were 8 people including us. Overall very good food and incredible service. When we stopped by the lounge on the way out that was quiet too. I had dinner in the lounge a few years ago, great food with a great vibe - small jazz band, people dancing, everyone having a good time. This time the lounge was very quiet even with a pianist.

          @becky315 - I went to Amada for RW and I agree that braised pork flatbreads were amazing! Those were my favorite of all the plates we had, which were a lot. There were 4 of us that got to choose 2 plates each for each of the 2 courses so there were 16 things to try!

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            Now, after having been to both The Fountain and Le Bec-Fin, I would choose The Fountain.

            1. re: Philly Ray

              Hmm, so I shouldn't be too upset about not getting to LBF?

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                While I can't say that there was anything *wrong* with Le Bec-Fin, I just wasn't "wowed" like I am when I go to Vetri or The Fountain (especially with the service at The Fountain).

                And for the money we spent at LBF, I don't just want to be "wowed", I want to be "WOWED."