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Where is the best sourdough bread?

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Hey gang! Can someone tell me the best place to get sourdough bread--either buying buy the loaf or served at a restaurant? I'm having major problems finding a good place! THANKS!

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    Das Ubergeek

    I absolutely love the sourdough bread from the Wheatland Baking Co. They sell it at Fish King in Glendale for sure, but you could call and ask who else they distribute to.

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      I like the small loafs of fresh sourdough bread at The Bluewater Grill. Served hot with lots of butter to add. It goes great with the chowder. That will be a great combo on a rainy day this winter -- or now. I was not impressed with the salad -- too much white "greens."

      The Bluewater Grill
      665 North Harbor Drive
      Redondo Beach, CA 90277
      (310) 318-3474

      1. My fave is Pioneer sourdough bread. I think you can find it in some stores, but I go straight to the bakery in Venice.

        Pioneer Bakery
        512 Rose Ave.
        Venice, CA 90291

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          I'd second the Pioneer Bakery suggestion.

          I wish they distributed in the area where I live.

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            Pioneer is indeed great. Years ago, I used to go to the one on Main Street for breakfast, just coffee and sourdough rolls and butter.

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              Can you still get day old bread at the Rose Ave Bakery, it used to be about 1/2 price.

            2. Like everything its sometims a matter of personal taste.
              You can get fresh or sometims day old 1.5 lb.loaves of sourdough bread from Frisco Bakery on 26th Avenue a half block from San Fernando Road in Los Angeles. (near the Golden State and Pasadena Freeway). Day old loaves used to be $1.25 and fresh used to be like $1.60. Wholesale prices for eveyone and other types of bread besides sourdough. I haven't been there for several months (I was on the low carb kick). They supply sourdough bread to The Original Panty. They make a thick sliced French bead which is great for making French toast or garlic bread(Hamburger Hamlets supplier).

              1. kate mantalini has great bread. I can't remember if its sourdough or not

                1. Arroyo Chop House, Pasadena. Best damn sourdough in any L.A. area restaurant, almost makes you forget about the steaks.


                  1. http://www.boudinbakery.com/

                    Boudin Bakery is in South coast plaza but they have really good bread and the menu of sandwiches, salads and soups are great too. Check it out I bought a big loaf of sourdough and it is awesome.

                    Also, Lawry's have good bread served hot with butter too.

                    1. I would be excited if someone could find sourdough as good as the stuff at Tartine in San Francisco. It doesn't exist as far as I can tell.

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                        Agree - my first morning stop when in S.F. Nothing like it in S. Calif.

                        For bread in L.A. area I do like La Maison du Pain.

                        La Maison Du Pain
                        5373 Pico Blvd.
                        Los Angeles, CA



                      2. As mentioned above Pioneer is about the best you can find in the LA area. It is in either Vons or Ralphs, I cant remember which.

                        1. My most recent EXCELLENT version came from the Alamitos Fish Company... Sooo good, fresh baked everyday and they sell you loaves without having to eat at the restaurant.

                          Also, while they do not carry a "Sourdough" roll, the technique they use at the Breadbar leads to a more 'sour' note on their bread (something they point out), which is REALLY good...


                          1. Having grown up in the Bay Area I have a taste for sourdough, so I'm surprised that no one yet has mentioned obvious choices:
                            - La Brea's sourdough batard at TJ (and a few other options)
                            - Bristol Farms (though I don't think they make the Extra sour any more)
                            - J&T Bread Bin at the Farmer's Market (regular sourdough and rye breads)
                            - San Luis Sourdough (used to be at some Costcos, owned by Sara Lee whose sourdough recipe tastes suspiciously similar)
                            - Colombo extra sour (barely distributed down here, IIRC the parent corp has cut back their product line even in the SF bay area)
                            Unfortunately nearby Costcos carry the inferior Breads of Venice label of Gold Coast Bakery; the Pioneer bakery in Venice was bought by GC and CLOSED.
                            Except for the bread at Original Pantry, Frisco bread is just wimpy sour - do they sell that crusty OP style bread anywhere else?

                            1. In OC in the enclave where the Patagonia store is across from Memphis on Bristol is a bakery that sell excellent sour dough style breads. I had an artisanal rosemary and olive oil bread that was awfully good from there. Also in OC don't forget Il Fornaio in Irvine not far from the airport on Von Karmen. And, if nothing else, La Breas Bakery sells their bread at Costco and Trader Joes (acceptable if you reheat it carefully) but not as good as the bakery bread on La Brea in L.A. Then the Wholesome Foods market on (I believe) Jeffrey sells a wide variety of breads that you might try. Good luck.

                              1. Pantry Cafe downtown on Figueroa

                                1. Okay, this is so unfunny I can't even believe I'm writing this.

                                  The best sourdough bread I have ever put in my mouth -- ever ever EVER -- comes from...

                                  ...the Tallyrand in Burbank.

                                  Yes, the Tallyrand. Better than Lancers, not as good as a spiked femur upside the head... but their sourdough bread is absolutely out of this world. Sour, tangy, chewy, crusty, perfect. And they sell it over the counter, $4 a loaf.

                                  I can't believe I'm about to confess that I go to the Tallyrand and eat the food just to get the bread.

                                  May Chowhounds have mercy on my soul.

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                                    Was scrolling down to see if anyone mentioned the Tallyrand - truly divine. I'm not too proud to admit I'm willing to overlook some culinary mortal sins here for the old school vibe - and the bread!

                                  2. Notice your Pioneer bread postings are from 2005. Sorry to say, wife and I went by Rose address, where we have bought Pioneer bread for years, Sat., place boarded up. When I was in high school my mother took me to Pioneer Boulangerie in Santa Monica. Went there for decades. Great restaurant, went there for decades. Property sold. They had the best sourdough. My advice: enjoy each moment/sourdough, etc., because those things we love disappear with little notice. Thanks, T.

                                    1. Frisco (round shape, available at the PANTRY(new side) Very Sour. 2.85ea

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                                        I would love to purchase Frisco sourdough bread but I live in the midwest. Do they ship? I have heard the sourdough bread is one of the best around.

                                      2. The sourdough served at the Crab Pot in Long Beach is fantastic. Very sour and made fresh. Sometimes I'll just order a few loaves to go.

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                                          James Beach in Venice serves piping hot loaves of sourdough bread to the table... but you have to ask your server for it. They only bring it by request now.