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Aug 30, 2010 11:09 AM

Need a Liquor Store in Atlanta/Sandy Springs with good Scotch Selection

I am on the prowl for a bottle of 16 year old Lagavulin Scotch. Since Liquor Stores are not normally known for their websites & I cannot properly pronounce "Lagavulin," I am hoping to get some assistance. Thanks in advance!

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  1. There's a Total Wine on Abernathy/Perimeter Center West near the mall. Other places that come to mind are Tower on Buford Hwy (or Piedmont), Green's or Pearson's in Buckhead. None of those are that close to Sandy Springs.

    Sandy Springs Cafe
    6065 Roswell Rd NE Ste 100, Atlanta, GA 30328

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      Perimeter Total Wine transferred their hard liquor license to Alpharetta location.

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        Huh. Well that's kind of lame. And the Jax on Roswell went out of biz IIRC.

        There used to be a little shop over by Wal Mart on Ashford Dunwoody. And there's a store in Dunwoody proper across from the Hickory House.

        Still probably can't spell it perfectly phonetically, but I say Lah-gah-voo-lin.

    2. a hint - you can buy liquor online and ship it to atlanta. i bought some lagavulin at a reputable retailer based in new york for a fraction of the price i could find it here in ATL. do a google shopping search for what you want and see what shows up.

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        Im curious as to what you mean by "a fraction" of the price, because I have not seen lag outside of the $75-90 range. (99/100 is a fraction lol) Could you point me to the retailer in question? The ones that come up on google only ship liquor within NY state - the price is great though at $48.

        Also I noticed the price on Talisker in that area is very good ($40) and I have a friend who will be staying near the airport next month, but the 2 total wines with liquor are nowhere near there - can you tell me if there is a store with good prices and single malt selection nearby?


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          I think you found Astor, $48, they will ship outside NY state, but not to EVERY state.

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            Actually the two places I found had generic names, "bottles and cases" and "bottle bargains" I think they were.

            I found it on sale for $50 (reg $70) at grand wine cellar and they ship out of state. Unfortunately other than the Lag their prices aren't very good and I don't see anything else I would want to help offset the shipping cost - but even the $63 shipped is not bad at all.

            I will check out Astor.