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Aug 30, 2010 11:04 AM

The Metropolitan (North Wales Costco)

New place will be opening where the Houlihan's was, at the North Wales/Montgomeryville Costco shopping center, called The Metropolitan - American Diner and Bar. I read a blurb about what they plan to offer:

"A brand new concept that elevates traditional American comfort food to an eclectic culinary experience. Under executive Chef Stephen Keesler, we will produce virtually everything from scratch."

There was a Chef Stephan Keesler at the Melodia Grill in Souderton. I assume it is the same.


They may be opening after Labor Day.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, been eyeing that place every time I hit Costco. Maybe if I eat there first I won't buy so much at Costco.

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      I just can't wait for the comfort food aspect of it!

      Lord have mercy, I do love Costco, though. :)

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        Their menu is online: http://www.metrodinerbar.com/menu.html

        I wanted to give it a try this weekend, but I probably won't be able to until next weekend.

    2. I'm heading there tonight, we'll be a group of four of us... I'll report back tomorrow and let you all know what it's like

      ETA: I like the concept of "lunch all day"
      I dont' eat large portions and never wind up eating leftovers from doggie bags, so the smaller sizes are perfect for me!

      1. Ok, so we went to the Metropolitan last night for dinner and here's the report:

        We had two Appetizers: Pierogi w/ caramelized onion marmalade and the smoked duck spring rolls

        the Pierogi tasted home made and were delicious... the caramelized onions were medicinal, burnt and oily.
        Smoked Duck Spring rolls were very good with a generous amount of duck inside... the dipping sauce tasted like the packets of sweet and sour sauce you get from Chinese takeout

        One diner in our group opted for the create your own mac and cheese and tried the mac and cheese w/ pulled pork

        it seems they like to use truffle oil in everything, so they use it in ALL the Mac and cheese dishes, but then that clashes when you add the pulled pork… and it’s really just a little too rich. There's a bit of sweetness in that dish that's really pleasing along with a really nice breadcrumb crunchy topping... but just over the top to have truffle oil AND pulled pork

        Another diner got the spaghetti and waygu meatballs, she said it was good but only ate a little so I'm thinking that maybe not as "good" as she says (hard to tell, the poor thing's so shy

        Diner # 3 got the Reuben, and it’s made with “house smoked brisket” instead of corned beef… the meat was VERY tasty but nearly as chewy as beef jerky. The marbled rye was nice and thick and there was house made slaw on it so the sandwich as a whole was good, chewy, but very good

        I personally had the chicken/avocado sandwich, which was grilled chicken breast, avocado, lettuce, tomato, apple wood smoked bacon *(another ingredient they put in nearly everything) and a “chipotle aioli” on grilled brioche.

        I could see the mayo… but couldn’t taste any chipotle and it was not a garlicky aioli… it was mayo… even with the bacon, the thing screamed for… SOMETHING else… I put salt and pepper which helped, but it just missed the mark still.

        I give them kudos for trying, but they're just not executing quite well. Everythign was "good" but just missed the mark of "great"

        The atmosphere is very nice and the waitstaff is attentive... possibly too much so that they were trying to take away appetizer plates with food still on them... that was NOT our waitress that did that. The girl that waited on us was terrific.

        The total check for the four of us, three non-alcoholic beverages one mixed drink, two apps two dinners to sandwiches was just shy of $85.00 before tip... not too bad. they do give LARGE portions and we all took home a doggie bag...

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          Thanks for the thorough review! Question: Do you think their being "good, not great" is due to growing pains? Or is it more a case of an overambitious menu and inability to deliver on it? I checked out the menu online and the items described sounded delicious, but I am cautious...

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            Tough call after only one visit. I've been wondering myself though as "dining out" dollars are so dear to us as they are to many people today, I hate to wind up getting food that just doesn't do it for me.

            I think they could chop about half the items and still have a great menu. I feel like they just threw together every "foodie" trend of the last ten to fifteen years and put it on the menu.

            Smoked duck springrolls, I remember having a perfect rendition of that dish at Jake's in Manyunk circa 1997
            Truffled Mac and cheese started showing up on menus years ago
            waygu beef
            "fancy" sliders

            I'd love it if they tossed out some of that stuff and stuck with the comfort food. the home made peirogi were REALLY good! that's comfort food to me.
            Identiy crisis definately, we'll see if they've bitten off more than they can chew with another visit or two

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              Visited tonite.
              Fried Mac & Cheese - perfect. exactly what you would expect from comfort food.

              Wagyu beef meatloaf with yukon gold mashed potatoes (lunch sized portion). The meatloaf was unexpectedly spicy and not in a good way. Potatoes were a little gluey in texture. The portion size was great though.

              Tarragon Mushroom & Swiss Burger. The mushrooms were deep fried in a batter. Kinda odd. And the tarragon aioli tasted nothing like tarragon. I dunno. The whole thing was just sorta off, ya know?

              I didn't have any expectations going into this meal, so i can't say i was disappointed, per se. I just am not sure if this is a place i would return to anytime soon. I think i would just have to be in the right mindset.

        2. Tried Metro tonight, party of 3. We were intrigued by the menu, which is creative and had the pleasant problem of deciding between several things sounding good. Basically we opted for the basics, because it is billed as comfort food.

          One person had the tomato soup for appetizer. She said it probably wasn't bad, but it was hard to tell because it was cold. You could see the soup was very thick. For entree, she had the turkey club, which was good.

          The other 2 of us opted for the lunch portion of waygu meatloaf and mashed potatoes. It mentioned seasonal veggies with dinner, but not lunch so I asked the waitress if it included veg, and she said yes. When our meals arrived, there was no veg. After I called the waitress back to our table to ask about vegetables, she pointed out the mashed potatoes. So we asked for a side of vegetables & were offered brussel sprouts or snap peas. Digging into our meals, we both enjoyed the taste & consistency of the meatloaf. Unfortunately, the mashed potatoes were as cold as the soup. More unfortunately, we finished before the veg ever showed up so we cancelled. When the server brought a to go box for the club sandwich, she also brought the veg - which was asparagus, neither sprouts nor peas!? She said it was on the house, but who want asparagus after you are done with your meal?

          Just as I was thinking, "Well since this is a diner theme, maybe they will make it up with a really good dessert, possibly pie...," our server returned. With the check. I guess we didn't want any coffee or dessert after all. To be honest, I think we would have been better off just going to a regular diner.

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            Thanks for the info truffles. R and S Keystone here I come!

          2. I finally got to give this place a try on Friday, and I'd say that most of the review are on the mark, the service is good and attentive, and the menu is pretty interesting. I got the Braised Short Rib Sloppy Joe. It was very good aside from the fact they put too much of a fairly generic tasting bbq sauce on it, so it kind of took away from the taste of the short ribs.

            I'd say that the thing you have to keep in mind when evaluating this place is if you work in the area around here, even if its not perfect, it is great to have something more interesting to go to than what is currently in the area. The Metropolitan will be a welcome replacement for the Village Tavern on Stump Rd. for business lunches.