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Aug 30, 2010 10:51 AM

Breakfast Report from Jeffrey's Hillside Cafe, Santa Rosa

Stopped at Jeffrey's with Hubby and 4 others for breakfast on Sunday AM. We had heard many great things from our friends about it, but wanted to try it for ourselves.

The only complaint: the wait. Something clearly happened to our ticket, the waitress blamed the kitchen...but it might have been her. They WERE busy, but still, a 25 minute wait to get breakfast stuff isn't good. Regardless, I'd go back again.

The table had:

Cheese blintzes
Bisquits and Gravy (x2
)Vegetable Hash

I only tried the Bisquits and Gravy and the Veg. hash.

I ordered the Chilaquiles. The chilaquiles are what I imagine a more authentic version to be. There was a pile of scrambled eggs (normally I would get fried over easy, but I'm not suppsed to eat eggs this way right now), a pile of fried tortilla strips with an amazingly zippy green sauce covered in cheese, and a bowl of lovely blacked beans. I liked this version VERY much, especially because I could dictate how much of which flavors I wanted in each bite. Each bite was a different arrangement, and made for a fun dining experience.

The Veg. Hash was a veggie lovers dream. Hubby wished the taters underneat the veggies had been less greasy, but all of the fresh veggies made up for it in spades. Shrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, other squash, onion, etc., all sitting atop hash browns in a large bowl. This was topped by 2 perfectly poached eggs which lent their runny goodness to the whole plate. Served with toast. Yum. Easily getting your 3x veggie servings by ordering this one.

Bisquits and gravy. Lovely light bisquits and not too thick gravy. I am a 5th generation Californian, and have no earthly clue what makes a "good" or "great" bisquits and gravy. Nor will it every be my "go to" for what to order. That being said, the portion was massive, well flavored, and not clunky.

The other dishes both looked lovely. The blintzes were definitely the smallest portioned item. Everything was very fresh, and very good, making the wait worth it. (Just don't be starved when you get there!)

We got there at 9 and there was quite a line (20-30 minute wait). I would suggest getting there before 8:30 if you don't like to wait.

I'm glad we have another inventive place other than Dierk's in the 'hood.



Jeffrey's Hillside Cafe
2901 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA

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  1. Coincidentally, I had dinner on Sunday with friends who'd just been there as well. They gave thumbs up to the chicken fried steak and the biscuits & gravy. HE then proceeded to tell me about the chicken fried steak tenderizing contraption his mother has in her kitchen, so I'm inclined to believe that he's a good judge of CFS. SHE said that there's a hash on the menu she'd like to try, maybe that's what you ordered. SHE thought Dierk's Parkside has a little lighter touch and more creativity, but like you, they're happy to have another option.

    Dierk's Parkside Cafe
    404 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I totally agree on the comparison to Dierk's. It's almost like neither one is is just more "normal" (Jeffrey's) while still being innovative, and the other is funky...with an emphasis on the funk (Dierk's Parkside Cafe).

    2. I had corned beef hash there this morning and it was a really good version and a very large portion. The two biscuits were very good also; a bit different than a classic biscuit but still very good. No wait at all at 9:30 am on a Tuesday.

      1. I just ate at Jeffrey's for the first time and found this post after. Like JB I had the veggie hash and it was marvelous, and was terrific with some Taylor Maid Coffee. I actually split the dish with a friend, and I was awestruck how ample it was. Masquerading as a hotel/motel cafe, I would never have guessed...