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Aug 30, 2010 08:44 AM

Need a list of must try eats in Paris for September

Hi! Will be visiting Paris with my fiance in mid-September and looking for recs on restaurants we just have to try PLUS any recs on patisseries, etc. for mid-afternoon snacks.

Specifically looking for:
2) Best Haute Cusine lunch price fixe deal
3) Sunday night dinner
4) Best bistros to try
5) Best patisseries
6) Cute places for cocktails/wine
7) More casual lunch spots

Also, opinions on:
1) L’Epi Dubin
2) Hélène Darroze


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  1. 1/ Pierre Gagnaire
    2/ Ledoyen
    3/ L'Ami Louis
    4/ Chez l'Ami Jean
    5/ Pichard
    6/ Dude, I have no idea
    7/ Au Dernier Métro

    1/ Sucks
    2/ Sucks

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    1. re: souphie

      What about a really good Saturday lunch?

    2. Also looking for a good Monday lunch near the Louvre that doesn't require a jacket and tie?

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      1. re: pigfish

        No place requires a jacket and tie in Paris. Try Pierre au Palais Royal.

        1. re: Ptipois

          Interesting that Pierre au Palais Royal is mentioned. I remembered how much I enjoyed eating there in the early/mid 80s. Classic bistro food and wonderful service. Then it changed owner and sort of drop off the map. I would love to know more about current the food and service.

        2. re: pigfish

          Chez Denise, Rue Prouvaires, at Les Halles, about 3 blocks down Rue St Honore. from Rue Louvre. Reserv are a good idea.

        3. The original comment has been removed

            Do not skip Poliane for apple tarts. They are so crisp and flaky they nearly fall apart when you take a bite. Just perfect.

            I wish I knew the name of the bistro where I had the best Duck Confit and potatoes grilled in goose fat. After that I was eating Duck Confit in various places but nothing compared to the place I wandered into near Les Halles back in some alley. I keep thinking it was call Espices but next time I'll take a notebook.