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Aug 30, 2010 06:41 AM

Anything new near Maskers in Warwick?

Going to pick apples next week--anything new in Warwick? Will definitely hit Bellvale for ice cream, but what's good in the Maskers vicinity for some good food? Open to all cuisines--child friendly and clean place--and not too expensive...thanks.--went to a little pizza place last time we were there...thanks for some help from some locals..

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  1. Well..went yesterday, and guess I'll answer my own post for any other similiar inquiries...went to Warwick Valley Winery--and so glad we made it this time--it's such a laid back place--we loved it. The food was terrific..lovely sandwiches on house made bread and interesting pizzas--had chicken salad sandwich, so fresh and lovingly prepared--and accompanied with a small piece of sweet corn with some parm cheese on it (good idea)--and some side of orzo salad--impeccably fresh, and priced at $9. The other sandwiches looked great especially the roast beef with horseradish and their homemade choc chip cookies were excellent and only a $1 for a large one. Very nice people. So, nice to eat outside in the country air, or inside they have seating as well...stage with live music on weekends--and you can grab whatever wine or cider you want to accompany your meal. We did the tasting--and while I wasn't crazy about their wines--I did like the Pinot Grigio--a little tart but good nonetheless...and not expensive. We got some stuff to go, including their hard ciders as well. Definitely worth the trip.

    Hit up Bellvale Ice Cream, what's not to love..breathtaking view and fantastic fresh homemade ice cream..we tried 3 flavors, and their homemade waffle cones are great..but stick with one scoop, it's just too rich to get through 2 even though the waffle cone is so big you're tempted to put 2.

    Down the road is a farm German name, sorry I'm blanking out--it's got a beautiful display of pumpkins out front--totally charming looking...bought some sweet corn, getting ready to cook it now..looks fantastic--.50 an ear or $5 for 12.

    Maskers Apple Orchards is the best--friendly folks, gorgeous view, and best price on apples. Got some fantastic prime reds which I will make into my famous apple cobbler.--yum.
    The mac's really weren't ripe as of yet--they also now have pony rides there--but only on the weekends, and we usually go weekday to avoid the crowds.

    Stopped at Woodbury Commons way back (it's actually just a bit north)--and afterwards went to Cosimo's for dinner--cute little casual spot which is a local hudson valley chain (5 locations or less I think)--and the food was terrific--delicious bread and olives served comp--decent brick oven pizza--really good grilled chicken penne with pesto chicken fresh mozza arugula olives and I subbed roasted peppers for tomatoes..and shrimp saute..and house salad with a very balsamic dressing...relaxing atmosphere...and crayons for the kid.

    Passed on Route 17A placed called Mama's Boy that looked intense..looked like a place we go to in Brimfield, Mass....any opinions on it?

    Great day in the country.

    Mama's Boy
    268 Route 17A, Warwick, NY 10990

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