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Sep 6, 2005 01:14 PM

Nice O.C. restaurants near John Wayne Airport for a real foodie

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Looking for a nice restaurant to impress my foodie boss between John Wayne and Anaheim....any ideas?

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  1. How about Agora? It's a Brazilian Steakhouse, a block away from the airport. Many here have liked it a lot (haven't been myself)...kinda pricey, but if you're on an expense account...SCORE!


    1. Gulliver's is across the street from the airport, prime rib being their specialty.

      Also just south off the next 405 exit, Jamboree, is a shopping area with a Ruth's Chris steakhouse, Taleo Grill, and Houston's.

      Zov's Bistro is on the way to the airport, off 17th St. in Tustin.


      1. "Foodie" is a term that denotes many - from choosey to imaginative to super knowledgable and still learning.

        Maybe you'd enjoy showing him 6ix Park Grill that is located in the Hyatt hotel on Jamboree Road and Main St. Incredible. Hotel restaurants are often dissed, but this one is very good. Enter from Jamboree Road or Main Street.

        Read about 6ix Park Grill Irvine on Google. See,

        See also, (includes info about AGORA also
        There are many choices from John Wayne Airport to Anaheim; a few great ones by South Coast Plaza.

        Maybe if you define you parameters a little better we can narrow it down. Sit down dinner? Spicy? Off the beaten path? Ethnic? Homeland favorites? Power lunches? Greek? Italian? Freshest fish? Thickest steak? Cordials? The "foodie" list is endless.


        1. OC's not exactly known for being a 'foodie' town.
          Here are local non-franchise type of eateries I enjoy..

          French (provincal):
          Pascal Restaurant
          1000 N Bristol (nearest crossstreet Jamboree)
          Newport Beach, CA 92660
          (try their adjacent epicerie for morning croissants and weekday lunch)

          Habana (located within the anti-mall)
          2930 Bristol St
          Costa Mesa

          French (Bistro style)
          Pescadou Bistro
          3325 Newport Bl
          Newport Beach (Lido Island)