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Aug 30, 2010 02:21 AM

Brasserie bouillon Racine review

Since we did the left bank walk yesterday for lunch we went to this restaurant
my 16 year old son had leg of lamb in Rosemary and loved it-
meat was succulent apparently. I had spinach salad- good & roasted sea bass-average. My hubby
had rib eyed steak and liked his son also had 6 piece escargot-1st
tasting of snails and he liked it and says he will eat again. Appetizer2 plus 3 main dishes was 120 euros Good but not great

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  1. How neat! I dream of taking my grandchildren to Paris (their parents won't let them experience Paris without being able to see the children's joy) and envy what you saw.

    Thanks for your report and good luck!

    1. Thanks - I haven't been in years (last time smoking was still allowed), it's good to see the places that are not the 5 mentioned every day here and that weren't aways the best meals of our lives.

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      1. re: John Talbott

        went again for dinner last nite-we wanted to have dinner at le pre verre-but stupidly did not make reservations-hence no place at the inn.
        but had a great meal at this brasserie.
        my son had a pork dish-i think it was spelt as-?pluma cochon peta negra-he claims it melted in his mouth-says it was the best pork dish he ever ate.
        i had a tomato gaspacho soup-good- and a spinach salad with shrimps and almonds-delicious-the dressing had a tinge of ?horseradish which i liked.,my dessert-waffle with creme brulee-was scrumptious-it was kind of large and i shared it with hubby.his main diah was beef tartare.
        all in all a delicious meal,

        1. re: cmanjula

          Sounds like Le Bouillon Racine has become good again? That deserves a new visit. After some disastrous meals back in the mid-00s (including a dreadful unsieved pea soup made from frozen peas (all skin, no pulp), I had decided to give the place up.