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Aug 30, 2010 01:02 AM

Szeptemberfest Stew Contest: Budapest

looks like an interesting porkolt (stew) festival in Budapest next weekend. I will be checking it out.

From pork:
Pig stew with a noodle
Hungarian pork stew from rib-roast with egg barley with sausage, as Dankó Pista liked it
Fingernail stew, with a cooked potato
Pork heart stew, with tounge, parched egg barley
Knuckle stew old swineherd

From a fowl:
Chicken paprika, with a noodle
Chicken sucks with roasted, vegetable pearl barley
Goose gizzard with roasted, potato egg barley, Cock stew with kékfrankos, with curd cheese pasta
Cockscomb with a roasted testicle, a parsley noodle, as our grandmas prepared it
Turkey foot stew, with ribbon noodle pasta
Duck tounge stew, with a noodle

From beef:
Cattle shank with a roasted, cooked potato
Cellar stew, with a cooked potato
Tripe stew, with a cooked potato
Velős- tripe stew, with a cooked potato
Csülkös- pithy tripe stew, cooked with a potato Veal stew, with a parsley noodle

Sheep, goat:
Mutton stew, cooked with a potato as I learned from my father
Lamb stew, with a cooked potato,
Goat stew with rosemary, sour cream corn porridge

Game stews:
Sylvan deer stew, with a napkin dumpling
Gemenci wild boar stew in red wine, with a potato dumpling
Bolete roe stew, with a potato dumpling, ranger on a manner
Fallow deer with a roasted juniper, a napkin dumpling, Nimród gift
Wild rabbit stew, with delicate grasses, ribbon noodle pasta, rural constable onto a manner

Dorozsmai carp with red wine with roasted, sour cream egg noodle
Tisza catfish stew with a Riesling, dill, sour cream pasta
Eel of Lake Balaton stew, vajas- with dumplings
Sterlet poured with roasted brandy, with a bolete ribbon noodle

Onto the joy of vegetarian ones:
Mushroom stew, with a noodle
Egg stew letcho with star pumpkin
String bean stew, with jasmine rice
Corn stew, alone

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  1. Jim; have fun!
    heh I'm the veg, do you have the Hungarian terms for the veg stews? gulyas, porkolt, so I know what to oder

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    1. re: Rory

      Mushroom stew: Gomba porkolt
      Egg stew with pumpkin: Tojasos lecso tokkel
      String bean stew with rice: Zoldbab fozelek rizzsel
      Corn stew: Kukorica fozelek

      1. re: Tardis_mom

        thank you so much! And here for others are Magyar vegetable words to look for in a menu:

        Gomba= mushroom, tojas= egg, tok = pumpkin, stringbean= zoldbab, corn = kukorica,

        I'll be in Budapest mid-October and now I'm ready to enjoy:)