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Aug 29, 2010 07:31 PM

Melbourne in September

Hi All!

Long time reader , first time asking for your help Chowhounds....

Other half and I arrive into Melbourne Saturday the 4th and are there till Friday the 10th.
Holiday is for my bday so our entire trip will be devoted to my love of food.

Only thing that I have concrete is going to the Queen Vic Market..... maybe Borsch, Vodka and tears...

Any advise on top restaurants for a romantic night out or just tucked away little secret would be greatly appreciated. Read about Cutler & Co getting top restaurant in Gourmet Traveller... is it worth it? How about Attica or Movida?

Also where for reasonably priced lunches in the city area?

Where can we go for great deli bits , cheeses , meats , gourmet supermarkets?? (Enoteca Sileno was mentioned to me ?)

Look forward to your ideas and help :)


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  1. First question: where are you going to be staying? Everything else is going to be dictated by that.

    Basically, for anything in the top dozen or so, you can rule out a Friday or Saturday night. I would suspect that Attica and Movida will be full for the week at this short notice, but it is definitely worth calling them; Cutler can be a bit emptier through the week.

    Cumulus (Cutler's second restaurant) is rated as highly as C&C by some, and has a no bookings policy. Movida's bar area and Movida Next Door also are reservation-free. At Movida bar though expect to part with a lot of money very quickly.

    Almost everything you will need deli-wise is in the QV Market. Enoteca Sileno is a brilliant shop, but is more like a supermarket - its where I buy my pasta, tinned tomatoes etc - not really a deli. The truly terrifying deli experience is at Mediterranean Wholesalers on Sydney Road.

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      Thanks for all that!!! we're staying with friends in Port Melbourne which looks to be central.... i think.

      p.s. Whats your opinion on Taxi Dining Room? Can't seem to find too many reviews but a friend of a friend works there and said it was good but I would rather word from the wise.. :)

      1. re: CocoKiwi

        Taxi is very good, it is solidly excellent - its been around a while so its more that its part of the furniture and doesn't get write ups like the new things. Great views of the Yarra as well. It was #9 is The AGe's 'quintessential Melbourne restaurants' list, see

        New Good Food Guide out tonight so that will tell you about your waiting lists...

        Cafe di Stasio is great bargain for lunch. So is Libertine in North Melbourne. Both Vue de Monde and Jacques Reymond (our only 3hat restaurants) do a pared down lunch menu which is much cheaper than their evening ALC.

        I'd have a look at that Age list, i think its pretty much on with the Melbourne vibe.

    2. Not sure if this is necessarily cheap but Ezzard I think has a 3 course lunch for $50 which is considerably less than dinner. I like Hutong in Market lane for dumplings. Cafe Vue have lunch boxes which are quite nice. Even if you don't have lunch there, the macaroons are still great. Cafe Di Stasio is good value at lunch time as well but it is in St Kilda. Yu-u is pretty good as well, a little tricky to find though so have a look before you go. I think they have lunch for less than $20