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Aug 29, 2010 06:55 PM

Tips For Using Mustard

I've never really used mustard before and I want to incorporate it into my foods and cooking, both the regular and Dijon varieties. Does anyone have any tips for me to use mustard? Any particular foods that mustard goes great with? Any specific recipes to recommend me to try? Is there an easy way to add mustard to my cooking to add flavor? Thanks!

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  1. Mustard, depending on the type, is great for salad dressings, marinades as well as incorporated into meat mixtures like meatloaf, meatballs, etc.

    Just about anything you can think of adding vinegar or Worcestershire sauce to, you can probably incorporate mustard into it in some fashion.

    1. As mentionedd salad dressing and marinades, etc.

      Chichen as in chicken dijon, corned beef. You'll get a lot of recipes especially for chicken dijon if you do a search. You can also add it to a coating that you will use for breading.

      Adding just a bit to a cream sauce also perks up many dishes.

      1. For making baked beans from scratch, or one of the things to use to doctor up bland canned baked beans like Campbell's.

        A little bit in macaroni and cheese gives it a little zip and offsets the richness of the cheese.

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          I always add a little bit of dijon or dry mustard to mac and cheese.

          Mustard works very well in salad dressings as an emulsifier- cuts out the need for so much oil.

          A drop of dijon or whole grain mustard makes a difference when making stuffed mushrooms. Gives a bit of an edge to a parsley/onion/mushroom/breadcrumb filling.

          I also like a sweet/spicy combo when it comes to mustard. I switch up the types of mustard depending on what I have- dijon, whole grain, spicy deli
          - mustard + apricot jam as a glaze for salmon
          - mustard + orange marmalade as a glue when breading chicken
          - mustard + ketchup + soy sauce + brown sugar + garlic as glaze for meatloaf
          - mustard + honey + balsamic + olive oil on arugula with shaved fennel
          - mustard + balsamic + pureed berries + olive oil as a salad dressing

        2. If you are a fan of Grilled or Pan Roasted Chicken Breast... Pommery Mustard Cream Sauce is an excellent combination. For plate presentation, use French Cut Breasts, single or double......these were a menu staple a decade ago in many restaurants.....and retro is fashionable again.

          Second, same as hummingbird above, I use mustard as the glue base to coat racks or lamb or veal with seasoned breadcrumbs or crushed nuts.

          1. There are few things that mustard doesnt go well with. Usually, it just finds itself as a blob on my plate as a condiment.

            In terms of meats, I find it goes less well with lamb than other meats,although I do use with lamb to "stick" a coating to, say, a chop or steak.

            Classic ingredient for salad dressing. Works with cream or other white sauces (classic with ham).

            I used to almost collect mustard - everytime I saw a new fancy one, I'd buy it. Now I just stick to four basics - Bordeaux, Dijon, English and a grain one.