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Aug 29, 2010 06:50 PM

rec needed from Boynton Beach to WPB

I am looking for a good solid rec in the Boynton Beach area to around WPB. I'd rather stay in the norm of seafood/Italian/etc. I live in PB Gardens and the other lives in Boynton, so anywhere in between would be good.

The option I came up with was Old Key Lime House in Lantana but am open to other options. I don't want it to be overly expensive, just trying to keep it fairly moderate. This is for a date night so it needs to be more than just a simple place.

What's the price point at Tentazione Ristorante in BB?

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  1. Tentazione is good food, big portions and moderate priced Italian. Seafood . . . I would say Snappers in Boynton Beach has good food, great portions and reasonable prices. It's at the SE corner of Old Boynton Rd and Military Trail just north of Boynton Beach Blvd almost caddy corner to Tentazione. I love Bonefish grill on Gateway and Congress. BangBang shrimp and for an entree the Wild Drunken Monk! I had it up in Orlando a few weeks ago and it was fantastic! Bonefish is a bit noisy but fun, Snappers is a bit older for the early birds and Tentazione is probably the most mellow but better for Italian (obviously)! Good luck!

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      I went to Bonefish about 3 months ago for the first time. The only reason I went was to use up a gift card. Yes, it was really noisy and the food was pretty good. I usually don't go to these chains but it was worthy of some gift card usage. Bang bang shrimp app....I keep hearing that this is really good.

      So I have three options now. Anyone have a vote for Old Key Lime?

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        freakerdude - I haven't eaten at the Old Key Lime House but I was told that this is an outdoors restaurant. Is sweating an issue on date night?

        Is sushi an option? If so I recommend Sushi Bon (304 E Ocean Ave, Lantana, FL 33462 561-540-8125). Karen and I had dinner there a few weeks ago and thought it was very good. Their grilled squid made Clean Plate Charlie's 100 Favorite Dishes ( ) and they have a very good selection of fresh fish for sushi and sashimi as well as a number of really good (but not over-the-top) rolls.

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          Is OKLH all outdoors? I wouldn't even brave that going solo during these hot summer nights.

      2. re: mnjdelray

        The Station house has always been a favorite of mine for Lobsters, and its a pretty good price also, You can also go to Riggens for Crabs

      3. Snappers is good as is Tentazione. I think Tentazione would be more appropriate for a date. Note that Snappers is on Congress and not Military. (Old Boynton Beach Rd.) You can see their menu at Also Jeff Eats gave high praise to Tentazione - As did Charles Passey, A- for food. Tentazione is located on the Southwest corner of Boynton Beach Blvd. and Congress just a few doors north of Publix. Best to make a resv. at either. Don't miss the Linguine con Vongole at Tentazione.

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        1. re: Alfred G

          Yes, Snappers looks like a good place to take my mom....hehe. Will I need a res at either for a Wednesday night?

          1. re: freakerdude

            You're right -- good place for your mom. Resv recommended for Tentazione. You probably will not need one but they only have about 10-15 tables. I've never had a problem just walking in (although I do tend to make a resv). I like Old Key Lime House for the view. Heavy on fried foods. Food OK but not remarkable. Key Lime pie is outrageous. Let us know where you wind up.

        2. Go to Atlantic Avenue in Delray. 32 East is great for new American. Tramonte is very good for Italian. Cut 432 is a high end steak house. You can, also, walk around after dinner.

          1. Downtown Lake Worth (Lake Ave) would be centrally located. Maybe Couco Pazzo or Bizaare Ave. Cafe--both have websites to check out. There's a new place in BB called The Living Room which is supposed to be good. Probably need reservations at these. As someone else said, Snappers is an older early bird crowd--wouldn't be for me on a date night.

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              Couco Pazzo is definitely a good choice for Italian and seafood. The Cioppino is worth a try there. Bizarre is a pretty cool place to go for a date with the upstairs being more romantic. There are also a couple of EXCELLENT Italian restaurants right down the street. Rustico Italiano on Lucerne as well as Paradiso Ristorante also on Lucerne! Enjoy wherever you end up!!

              1. re: mnjdelray

                I've found Paradiso hit or miss....fabulous when we've let the chef cook whatever he wanted for us, but not so much when ordering off the menu. I also wouldn't put it into the "not overly expensive" category.

            2. Old Key Lime has pretty views, it's mostly outside but not all, food is average and not dissimilar to the 2 Georges or Banana Boat, you know fried mozzarella sticks, fish dip, burgers, chicken. They use escolar in their fish and chips and called it white tuna! You are not going there for the food.

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                Thanks smartie, I am glad that I didn't go. I am not an eat outdoor person unless it is 75 degrees or less and low humidity. I ended up staying in my area of PBG since the circumstances changed.