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Hummus in Calgary

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I'm new to the Calgary area, and was wondering where I could find a good dish (preferably packaged) of hummus? Thanks.

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  1. There are so many places- just near or near-ish my home there's good to great hummus at Shawarma Knight, Tarboosh, Sammy's and at Little Lebanon.

    Shawarma Knight
    1512 14 St SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1C9, CA

    1. Jimmy's A&A foods! 1401 20th Ave nw. Best fresh hummus around. So many other amazing Lebanese and Mediterranean foods too. You will get hooked!

      Jimmy's A&A
      1306 4 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R, CA

      1. If you want somthing other than standard hummus, you should try Sabra roasted red pepper hummus at Costco. It is truly killer stuff and great value.

        Now, if only someone made muhammara when I'm not in the mood to make it.......

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          I agree, that stuff is awesome! I heart costco

          1. the roasted red pepper from sunterra is good, but I was really disappointed last time I bought it, most of the chickpeas were still whole! out came the blender but the flavor was still weak.

            1. I like the red pepper hummus from Community Natural Foods

              1. I like Planet Organic's spinach hummus and Cedar's Deli's regular hummus.

                1. Green Cedars deli in SE Forest Lawn area is #1 in my books, that may be why it is made fresh and SELLS OUT daily! Falafel King on Stephen Ave is #2 and Jimmy's #3... There are my votes!
                  Costco? really people?!?

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                    Yes, Costco. Absolutely Costco for this specific hummus.

                    Actually, I did lie. I make the best hummus.

                  2. I'm loving the PC Masala Hummus at Superstore. It's Hummus kicked up with a bunch of Indian spices and a touch of honey. Really yummy.

                    1. Why would anyone want to buy hummus when it's SO easy to make, so affordable, and can be done with endless varieties.

                      Incidentally, has anyone ever reverse engineered Tribe brand "Mediterranean Spice" hummus? I'd love to be able to make that stuff.

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                        Well, the best hummus I've made was with dried chickpeas and they take forever to cook, but I've also made perfectly serviceable hummus with canned chickpeas too. I want hummus now, grrr.

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                          yeah thats the only drawback for me, cooking the peas! Then the canned stuff often has too much salt and junk for me :( and then I'd have to get tahini.

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                              darn a kitchen gadget I don't have! I have my eye on this contraption right now: http://www.chow.com/food-news/58827/m...