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Aug 29, 2010 05:05 PM

Korean Grocery Store Accessible via. Metro or in Downtown DC

Hi all! I'm new to DC and living near Dupont Circle. I'm looking for a Korean grocery store to stop up on basics. What would be the closest one for me? Please consider that I don't have a car.

Thank you!!

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  1. I am not aware of any Korean grocers in the city at all. Your best bet is to make it to H Mart at one of their suburban locations (Wheaton, Merrifield, and Fairfax). If you don't mind taking the bus, you can ride Metro to Dunn Loring, catch the bus (1C I believe?). Or you can ride out to Vienna and catch a bus to the Super H Mart, which many folks believe is superior to the closer-in Merrifield store. Go to H Mart's website to get specific location information. And then's rider tools to find the best way to get there.

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      I have taken public transport to the H Mart in Wheaton a number of times. From the Wheaton Metro station, take any Y bus, which goes up GA Ave. You'll be on the bus for 5-10 mins., I'd guess. Keep your eye on the right side of GA Ave. The second you see the Hollywood Video, signal that you want to get out at the next stop. (The H Mart and the HV are in the same shopping complex.)

      Another good part of doing this is that you can combine a trip to H Mart with a meal at Ruan Thai, or another of the excellent establishments of Wheaton!

      Ruan Thai Restaurant
      11407 Amherst Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20902

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        if it's a weekday rush hour it's faster to walk from the Dunn Loring station to that Hmart. the Paiks in the Eastern Mkt carry a few things, but not enough (some small-batch kimchi, bulgogi to take home and grill, packaged things and vegetables that some might not)

      2. You might also try MS3000 in the Florida Market (close to the NY Ave Metro). 350 Morse St. NE. The store is owned by the same company as H Mart. They carry many international items. There are also other places in the Market to get cheap tofu (Sam Wang Tofu 300 block of Morse) made on site ($4 for a ten piece bucket) and very good kimchi (Northeast Seafood 407 Morse). Try Sam Wang Produce (300 Morse) for Asian produce.

        1. DC only got decent grocery stores in the city a few years back your best bet is to hit an H-mart. for Korean food options. You may want to rent a Zip Car.

          1. There is a very small, mainly Japanese grocery on U street between the U street and Dupont Circle stations ) called Hana Japanese Market. I am not a metro rider, don't know if there is one closer) - But you may be able to find some things there.

            2004 17th St NW
            Washington, District of Columbia 20009

            1. Don't know if this is an option, but there's a Virginia Rail Express station right across the street from El Grande Supermercado in Springfield. A single-ride ticket would run around $6. The place is Korean run, but serves a pretty broad clientel. Their seafood and meat departments are well stocked, as are the vegetables. They also have a nice prepared food section.



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                Problem with VRE is that they run mostly in one direction (inbound to DC in the morning, outbound to VA in the afternoon). There may be only one train that runs in the opposite direction for each rush hour. If you miss it, you're SOL. I second the metro to Vienna and the bus connection to the Super H in Fairfax.

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                  Since the OP lives near Dupont Circle, I think it would be faster/easier to take the Metro to Wheaton and the Y bus connection to the Georgia Avenue H Mart.