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Aug 29, 2010 03:14 PM

Pennell's (Saratoga Springs)?

We will be having dinner at Pennell's for the first time. I did a search of this Board and nothing came up . . . SO has not been.

Anyone been? Suggestions?


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  1. I go there with my family all the time. Totally reliable old school Italian. Terrific shrimp, my favorite red sauce, great clam sauce, ravioli, sausage, minestra, parms, haddock. Attentive service. Wine selection minimal. Like almost all It-Am places, they put too much sauce on everything, but I ask them to use less, and they comply. I don't care for their lasagna, though.

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    1. I had the chicken francaise (their take on the traditional dish). SO had the broccoli, chicken and pasta. We should have followed gerchak's suggestion and had parms or clam sauce. Entrees come with a salad. Friends had the haddock.

      A family restaurant. Large portions. Very good service.

      1. Concur with Gerchak198. Also try the meatballs, they are great